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What is the point of a book without illustrations expressed loyalty,resounding conviction a kind of love rebounding delirium all that is golden,writing without expression being a person of wisdom to give yourself to another person or just some elaborate delusion,this world of no morality broken destinies,forming a online diary better to have created something out of nothing tears that flow into an ocean.the life spark is created from nothingness then becomes fused with the body,so in death we continue the journey leaving behind all that is worldly,what happens when a living form dies well i remember being born and the time before,your born alone you die alone that soul illumination for the sake of sanity nothing is easy without specific order everything becomes can be good and fruitful or an empty useless good for nothing void,to state the obvious makes boring conversation clashing opinions.belated too and throw harrowing insignificance indulged in like two infants,forget about eternity crystal energy and all the ideas of creation,god obsessional delusions compulsive behavior a match made in Heaven,things that happen associated happenings reborn souls illuminating,my greatest fiction all about religion and creation,reaching a distant horizon close approximation my independent vision,reality definable averages what is non fiction remains the question,who are you really? maybe someone of spiritual royalty on a dream quest collided on a journey, all the world is a stage and can be or not to be whatever is in your imagination,we all are special just to be alive is a miracle.What is here? Being born again is not just quitting one's sinful life and beginning a new life after death as most people think. Though this would be good, this in itself is not being born again, nor being saved. that we must be born again of water and the Spirit, to define this affliction soul mechanism how living forms function what is the life spark within us and how we regenerate through the process of dreaming,just think a entity not earth bound that reaches to a universal cosmic energy,this motion of illumination your time spent sleeping,a unique case study of how a living form functions by action of photosynthesis you make my skin crawl old buddy your soul a void personality,like your bone structure that is the question my mind goes round in circles,pointed instruments bacterial filaments rubber soul ailments anthology parchments,trying to avoid idiot oriented conversations bemused by consequence,with my spark,who wants to build a brand new ark,who will help me light the dark,

distant smiles shadow coffins parallel lines of birth right making intersections within an unstable ever changing reality,he we be drawn into context threaded by beads of pocketed vessels that linger as life sparks light frequencies as rock personified eyes awakened to give the universe a purpose say what is founded by dispute argument friction critical evaluation buried in iniquity,we are in constant flux within a cauldron of past and future lives,this is if we regain human form to set the difference and consider soul frequency a ancestral fabric held within the bone formation, the brain produces a radio active substance when a living form dreams the entire study field of mental illness,deep sleep is an essential part of the human condition,freezing cold,that neck pain people get when tired is the central nervous system crying out for dreams to re generate the bio static field,days of wonder an ember remember that captures revelation spelling out the universal order setting all that is into motion planetary rotation atomic energies binary physics illumination of all that exists,growing older pain isolation and evil suffering that creature resides here not attracted to light moving in only groups of five or so,the species lives in close proximity with the population hidden blood festering on and nobody sees them they hide and wait until one is asleep,dreams are that what motivate us,a fascination a celestial presence almost like parental guardians,fine cultured purity swearing degenerates vulgar sentiments,assures me butter would not melt in their mouths a divine person who would not say anything or do anything against anyone,

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