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Sorry for the spelling and gramer flaws in advace, but I have a problel and I wont to see if any one can give me a diffrent look on it. Maby show me something that I mite have missed. So here it is.

I am the singel parent of a 15yo son. There is a littel girl who lives above us who spends almost all her time at my place who gose to school with my son (she is also 15). She only has a dad also like my son. Her mom is in prison. Enywase Her dad gets drunk alot and when he gets drunk, he has ben getting meaner and meaner to her hitting her. she has come down severl times with welts asking me to help her.The cops have been called and he was arested, but in court she sed it didn't happen she got the markes frome falling down to get the case thrown out. She now sees a counseler but wont tell her whats truly going on at home. I'm the only one she will talk to becous I live right below her and know it enywase. I tryed being frends with the dad to see if I could chang things that way but all he wonted to do was drink and I only have a glass of wine once every 3 to 4 months and onle after my sons in bed. So eny wase it got rill bad a few days ago where he cut her not rill bad but I fixed her up and let her stay with me till he fell asleap. He got her a kitten for that. He gets her somthing when ever he gets out of had like that. but all she could say is why cant he love her, shes a good kid runs a A B grades in school and dose every thing she can think of o make him proud but when he drinks nothings good enuf. Now she found out that hes been taking pics of her and her frends butts. I feal that I can't take a back seat eny more after all thats going on, I can't let her know that I'm a witch. We live in a small town and my son and I would not be verry well liked her if word got out, my sons best frend is Jahova witnes and there are more cherches then bars in this town. But I feal that I must do some thing so I'm thinking about doing a protection spell on her with out her knowing it and I wonted to fined out what you all think. I alredy know that you shouldn't do that but I cant stand by and do nothing eny more eny feed back would be welcome. Thank you. And again sorry about the spelling and grammer mistakes.

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Comment by Angela Nightjar on July 27, 2014 at 6:15pm

I agree with Einar about the protection spell. I would add do one for yourself and your son too. This guy is very sick and like you say he is getting worse. You are kind of in the middle and you have to be protected to do good for others. Like the time my neighbor got thrown out of the house in her nightgown by her drunk husband and I took her in. He wanted to get in to my place but I had protection up. He fell flat on his face and twisted his knee so bad it hurt even drunk. He went home and didn't come back. You put protection on you, your son and your place too. Blessed be and be safe.

Comment by Silver Stream on July 28, 2014 at 4:36am

Thx I already have a protection spell on my place (the first thing I do when I move into a new place is do a cleansing and then put up protection spells) but ma-by it would be a good ideal to reinforce it. But I think that is why she feels so safe down here. She more often than not stays down here till its bed time and is often napping on the living room Flore during the day. BTW I now have a spell check on the PC so I hope my writing is easier to read.


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