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The term eye floaters is new to me yet i have always seen them they do in fact appear more so during and after i do meditation to define exactly what they are to start with when you close your eyes billions of blue and red dots can be seen these are probably atoms my eye floaters are with a thread like filament and at times the transparent sphere gets larger turns into a denser colored vortex i never used to see these spheres when suffering from terrible sleep loss many religions define the soul as a third eye kind of vessel light refraction prism distortion would be the logical explanation i have written many times that only when dreaming the soul is formed it escalates from the body into the earth's magnetic envelope and channels energy into our crystal like bone structure acting as a kind of battery about my sleep condition as you know there are different levels of sleep i still never stay asleep in any duration longer than two hours about every two weeks i sometimes reach nearly three,so i still got sleep problems when i lived in flats  i never i mean never stayed asleep longer than one hour this went on for over ten years i really nearly died

Britain is made up of fragments one continent a devastating impact not gradual drift super gravity all in the twinkling of an eye the giants crossed dimensions a mistake of invention ending in oblivion no more island true false Atlantis a promise mathematics theatrics who knows only time,why did you not help him is this real the slaughter houses on every corner murder haunted by the diseases of animals human possession the other reproduction growing on our person call it emotion downfall of human since domestication thou shall not kill anything otherwise face consequences principles of existence and over population hormone growth mental anger biological mirror a halo soul that rebound as insect overtures classical fanatical mortal principles of existence and over population easy options ever decreasing circles blame gravity or just pretend the screams are not real being old is a psychological recourse of pain where the mind gives in spirit never ages each day is a new horizon the way multitudes talk to old people as if they are children is pathetic babies cry in fear of being born reactions of the looming fate it is too late dogs in circles chasing tales of ritual dwelling in insanity where laughter at reality it causes sympathy confused with royalty the theme of this story is what people consider funny where it is a serpent spinal binary fusion and holy communion he thread variant sacred parchment fabrics of elements the masters of intelligence fish tentacles scale saline monuments two made one spirit and matter one without the other so these filaments those crazy fake obsessions or to that why everything breaks down call it instinct or funeral invitations

Italian monks invented how to forge out of metal the eye of a needle and complex minute gearing HERE IN Redditch at one time was world famous for needles and motorcycles later for rock music black sabbath led zeppelin i was born on old christmas day to be haunted the soul after death remains for five years within the Earth's electric envelope they do not have consciousness just static memory the monks brought wheel inventions to Redditch nearly two thousand years ago hence the motorcycles Royal Enfield these monks were Italian and murdered during the desolation their inventions stolen the bible is a political tool written to a fashion of fear and control prophets mystics never said half those things like they now have changed thou shall not kill with a footnote unless for consumption animal halo haunted cries hovering over a lake at tree level oval it stopped the Earth the earth was destroyed and we are all just memories as a static overture in limbo waiting for the transition to finish if this be true who would know the difference as a foundation to be creative that entity he also lingered in this town area for forty years Stairway to Heaven is a Redditch famous song based on the same mysterious entity to pray without gravity brings into context ancients anger the family that once lived are now silenced those so cruel continue solemn tired weary wondering if i should be writing these words unstable action multiplied by irregular logic seeing that your form a decaying body we sailed through space we died with a thousand suns

Shakespeare meets revelations in a parallel of hate time cries as tears of this forsaken species called humanity in plaque shall continue generations of evil fight for the sanctity of god is a belated ego opinion derived by symptoms kill all that is good to disguise the diseased people a type cast mentality stupidity he that lives forever giants existed we are nothing grappling for life mere shadow ruins a kinetic change within all living forms requires unity to behold latent forces design coding and so age expectancy is a planetary oneness easy to say but was the religion of ancients replaced by pestilence false worship of ghostly images creatures haunting us fault lies in gravity a vanity of density fragmenting bodies a halo of mass reproduction wallowing vexation we exhibit animal characteristics started by thread like serpents growing on the body

say something talking into a mirror reflecting my own memories fear of failure some idea that for some reason life is worth living to believe in something extreme weather conditions dead things calling leaves falling trebd set fashions so the SOUL is what exactly and why talk about unknown factions to one person it is just futile emotions another might consider ancient religions getting older another year is over nothing lasts forever,nine dimensions the earth is in
the sixth circle to the order of infinity, synergy, empathy, relativity; when it
is all thrown against you,  remember you are a person, made up of fifteen or so
dimensional fluxes, match play thinking, timeless reality, the order of
eternity, thinking near-death experiences, dream sequences, fear element, one's
testament, sails of oblivion, Satan's legions mass affliction, that so familiar
feeling - a universal interchange paradoxical energies, parental fusions,
forgotten memories, a focus on reality, the laws of creation, a memorial of self-construction, a
destruction, the order of repetitive energies festering ritualistic creatures, a
nightmare existence we can change into anything, seems a perfect picture
pathway, ever changing fabrics, design coding forms that are around us -
individualized by species bound within ancestral line frequencies, effecting the
DNA coding and design of skeleton structures; mass reproduction, tidal
suggestion, temporal mutations, a zoo of misfits, a town full of demons, this
existence is belated by ever decreasing circles as what is the self is being
challenged, everyday reaction effected by past paradox interchanges, good and
evil negative and positive waves of movement, that sense of purpose speaking to
strangers, pearls before the swine, cat scratch fever, all in line soul
believer, one at a time all in line,  once upon a time thought the eyes of
creation, lightning sparks life's origins, words wasted, that so familiar
feeling, shadows in the distance, a golden ship upon the horizon, conversational
satire even worse situations, soul perspective, divine wisdom, forgotten
religions, a realm of vanity; all that is said is just self-glorification
station-to-station, time is an illusion of material things, inspiration can not
be explained in words, so all I do is create even more problems that what is
said, forgotten moments in history, another day dangers preclude a sense of

Misericordia, Misericordia is defined as: pity, mercy. While the Latin word for piety is The Latin word for is Devotio, Devotio is defined as:piety, devotion, zeal. If Pity was a variation of Piety a foundation left to create the spiral aim a movement regained and regarded both the same the space agreed between the picture of time behind the face of need turn round tailor coins and assaulting all the mornings of the crosses interest shown never know presenting one another to the cord their fruitless worth all left dying, rediscovered cords are broken Of the door that turned round locked inside to close the cover the mother earth nailed upon the coloured door of time insane teacher be there reminded of the rhyme there'll be no mutant enemy we shall certify political ends, as sad remains, will die reach out as forward tastes begin to enter you life tempo change out and inside the preacher trained in all to lose his name the teacher travels asking to be shown the same in the end we'll agree, we'll accept we'll immortalise that the truth of the man paragraphs he has read in various bibles mashed with fear and memory of being born a very special person which left him speechless as a voice of frequency decoded into a linguistic self story about life is an oddity so considered creative are we defined by learning or all that is why being alive for the individual time for conversation belief in holy communion a matter of principle persistence of vision a particular purpose jealous of those that are religious then to be considered lazy a miracle of awakening healing called evil reminded of a light that eventual funeral you yet it is all that exists dreams anchor our souls like sailing ships as the canopy of stars to be growling up before like the black and white of love be the focus be the chorus hands upon the wheel as it kills you second nature comes alive we exist through this strange device voices of the big generator the soft machine all surprise oh praise this anthem generator we are the voice of everything the end is the beginning a river a mountain to be crossed the sunshine in mountains sometimes lost around the south side so cold that we cried were we ever colder on that day move forward was my friend's only cry in deeper to somewhere we could lie rest for the day moments seemed lost in all the noise a snow storm the river can disregard the cost and melt in the sky warmth when you die were we ever warmer on that day a million miles away we seemed from all of eternity a common vision there a distant articulation fabric threaded mortal garment sewn up eyes of existent binary elements pulse code of forever parchments woven into mass inventions all living forms uttering a same electrical variation corded by a universal force setting planets into motion that light that made the sun to be begotten uderlying theme of atomic explosions beneath superficial interpretation thunder lightning source of all religions it defines invisible infinite power that even parallel energy reminding sunlight fashioning childhood memory who is the master of creation reaching as a personality lunacy moon stories monumental thatchers political arguments a hobbit bordering on poetic written in old English as one continuous sentence

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