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In the depths of the Shadows you can see her. Standing there tall, & proud never folding to the complete consumption of the dark side. The voices have fallen silent for a time, & the only sound to hear is the gentle blowing of the cold empty breeze. The only movement is the tremors of ground as the power of the shadows courses through there vains. The shackles have fallen from her ankles, & arms, but there is no movement from her what so ever.

Slowly she begins to rise slowly into the air. Arms out stretch as if in search of a loved one's embrace. There is a power around that is unlike anything anyone has ever felt before. If can get close enough to see her face you would see that there is nothing extra special about her. She's of average looks, normal height, & the complexion of a light bronze Goddess. There is an innocence about her that can not seem to be touch by any source of evil. Its almost as if she was never meant for this world. Doomed for not returning the love of someone that she never knew loved her. Jealousy can be the strongest of all evils.

Look into her eyes, & you can see the internal fight for her very soul. You can almost see how she uses the power of what attacks her to protect her. There are very few people who have ever had the ability to master the power of the shadows without ever falling to them. Having the chance to feel numb to the world is one of the greatest gifts the shadows have to offer.

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