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There is currently a movement happening within the United States called "Tiny Home Living" and the people who have decided to downsize their lives and have a small carbon footprint are called "We the Tiny Home People". this is a movement that started occuring a few years ago but had already been observed many years in the past.

 This way of life is called Off Grid Living, it allows you to live in small handmade homes that can be established practically anywhere and meant to be a means for you to live totally self sufficient, without relying on corporate enery sources and the best part is living rent free or mortgage free.  It allows you the freedom to live the way you want, now this can consist of living in a home constructed on a trailer which is known as a tiny home on wheels, or by constructing your own home on land you may own , then picking up a solar system to harness power, establishing a rain collection system for water, using a compost system for waste and more. There are also ways you can grow your own food and not having to use an actual garden but by planting seeds in large planters, sections of eave troughs, and many other ideas that give you the flexibility and the ease of how you want to maintain your way of life. 

There are several websites you can go to so you can learn more about living off grid, constructing your own tiny home or any size that is necessary for either yourself or your family. There are also books you can buy that are a great source of information that will give you many different ideas of how you have chosen to live and what is required to maintain that way of life.  Living off grid is something I am seriously considering and I share this information with co workers, friends, and others who want to learn more which makes people stop and think for a bit about how they are living their own life then maybe make a better decision about their own future of how and where they want to live. Believe me, this is a movement that is very contagious in good ways.

 More to come later so stay tuned. 

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