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Sooo I was uber excited cuz I got my Young Living Essential Oils in the other day. Argh they are awesome! I already started making and mixing, and I'm gonna like this. Now if only I could make some money doing this :P

Also in a few days I'll start offering free EFT sessions which is cool since I need some 'lab rats' to work on.

This Wednesday is the covens second study group. Next month we start working on lessons. And I just gotta say working up a lesson plan is a pain in the ass!! But oh well, everything is really looking up!

Except for not finding a Midsummer camping gathering yet. Still bummed about that but I guess we will do what we always do.... create our own gathering at our fave camping spot.

Also the coven has a blog... nothing is on it as of right now cuz I'm so busy with other things in r.l. but our lesson plans and some coven work will be listed on it. So.... bookmark it and keep checking in....

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