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On Course chapter 4 Case Study in critical thinking

Two students in professor Hallengren's English composition  class sat in the cafeteria discussing the approaching deadline for their fourth essay. 

"There is no way i can get this essay done on time," Tracy said. " I've turned in every essay late, and i still owe him a rewrite on a second one. Professor Hallengren is going to be furious."

" You think you're in trouble!" Ricardo said. " I haven't even turned in the last essay. Now I'm going to be two essay's behind."

" How come? " Tracy asked. " I would have thought a young guy right out of high school would have all the time in the world. " 

" Don't ask me where my time goes, " Ricardo answered, shrugging, " Deadlines keep sneaking up om me, before i know it, I'm weeks behind. I live on campus, and i don't even have to commute. But something always comes up. Last weekend i was going to write  that other English essay and then study for my sociology test, but had to go to a wedding out of state on Saturday. I was having such a good time, I didn't drive back until Monday morning. Now i'm even further behind."

" So that's why you missed English class " said Tracy. " Professor Hallengren lectured us because so many students were absent. "

" I know I miss too many classes. One time I stayed home because I didn't have my essay ready. And  sometimes I stay up late talking to my girlfriend on the phone or playing video games. then i can't get up in the morning."

"My situation is different" Tracy said. " I'm in my 30s and a single mother. I have three kids: Five, Seven, and Eight. I work 20 hours a week, and I'm taking four courses. I just can't keep up with it all! Every time I think I'm about to catch up, something goes wrong. Last week one of my kids got sick. Then my refrigerator broke, and i had to work over time for the money to get it fixed. Two weeks ago they changed my schedule at work, and I had to find a new day care. All my professors act like their class is all I have to do. I wish! The only way I could do everything is give up sleeping, and I'm only getting about five hours a night as it is.

1) Who has the more challenging self-management problem. Ricardo or Tracy? 

2) If this person asked for your advice on how to do better in college, what specific self management strategies would you recommend that he or she adopt.

My answer who has it really more challenging. In the nature of human existence, humans have the ego attachment of who has a harder or greater life. From understanding They are all relatively equal. in truth the possibilities of this are endless. For what has led to their current livelihoods. Most problems run deeper than thought.

It comes down to mental functions, and samskaras (Impressions)left on the consciousness, and/or mind. Information given in life is often what one wants one to know. to give advice  first one would have to investigate, and come to an understanding of the individual(s). To define the cause and effects the roots of the problem. ( if one cuts a plant but doesn't remove the root it regrows. ) 

Due to attachment, and desire; Avoiding and Clinging. cause many of our suffering.  It appears just like many these two deal with distractions. In this one can only play with what ifs or come to conclusions without enough information or understanding which only transmigrates further problems. The keey factor is finding the root.

The Buddhist teaching and the Taoist teachings a common phrases one hears is Care without caring, Do without doing this refers to getting involved without transcending the ego. without engaging the ego would be hard for most people, but situations are often easier to solve without the emotional attachment involved in it. 


Personally i would start if they asked for my help. I would give them what has helped others in the past including myself, but would keep in mind nothing is 100%. all are an illusion or a perspective what works for one may not work for another. SO helping tne would depend fully on the individual i am working with

              Zangpo, Losang

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