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In my blind stroll through the Shadows I found a place that I thought I had lost forever. I had found this place by accident eons ago. There is a place that is so different from the Shadows. In the landscape the Air is filled with the Smells of Milk, & Honey as it gently glide along the grass, & trees. Life is truely alive over there.The trees are the greenest green I've ever seen, or at least remember seeing. The grass is soft, & thinck to the touch. The sky is filled with the sounds of birds flying high among the fluffy white clouds moving ever so slowly, & always changing shape never being the same thing twice. If you listen closely you can hear the sound of happy people, & children laughing, & playing among themselves. There is an energy there unlike any I have ever felt before. Something keeps trying to pull me into the world that I was banished from so long ago. Suddenly there's movement right in front of me, but I am frozen in place.

As I look into this world so filled with Love, & Happiness I see a figure moving among the people. I can not see who it is, but I can't take my eyes aways from its path. I watch as the sound of wonderful laugher fills the air with its song. From the sound I could tell it was a woman, but who I still could not see. As she moved I noticed the way she walks with her head, & shoulders held high. Giving the sense of total Strength, & Confidence. She's soft spoken, but can be very outspoken when the time calls for it. She is fearless in the defense of the people that are nearest, & dearest to her. You can feel the balance that she's obtained in her life. You can tell that she's loved by the Man she holds dearest to her heart, in the open expression of love from her children, & the support of her most nearest, & dearest. This is a world that better then my wildest dreams.

As I try to turn to walk away, & leave this place again something stops me. It's almost as if I was being touch from the other side. Not exactly holding me in place, but not allowing me to move at the same time. I closed my eyes, armed myself for anything, & slowly turned around to face whatever this was keeping me somewhere I no longer wanted to be. Little by little I open my eyes, & all I see is a cloaked figure in front of me. Then there was a gentle touch on my check, & then the hands moved to the hood of the cloak uncovering someone that I thought died long ago when I was banished to the Shadows. Suddenly I remembered the laugh, the love, & the happiness. Once upon a time that was my life. I was the woman in the cloak that had everything that I've ever wanted. A family that loves me no matter what the circumstances. A man that knows how to show me as much as tell me he loves me, & only me. He doesn't put everyone else before, & appricates everything that I try to do. Children that love, & respect me. They actually listen, & is allowed to show all the love that they want when they want, & not told that there's no time.

Tonight I sleep in the Shadows, & Dream of the World that's just on the other side of the Horizon.

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