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So tonight we celebrated Yule as a coven.

My husband and I had made Yule logs prior to the celebration thank goodness because we ran so far behind today it wasn't even comical. Luckily so was everyone else :P

Normally we invite children to join us in Sabbat but it seems no one wanted their children around for Yule this year, they all seemed to 'cranky' so we changed up our normal sabbat routine.

First we feasted, then Brandon and I put Seth to bed and then we did ritual. The ritual turned out loverly! I was so thrilled by it. We went outside and burnt our Yule Log, did prayer, meditation, blessings and the such then afterward we sang Wiccan Themed Carols (thanks to: ). After we finished caroling we made a few gifts for family members, cleaned up the messes, joked about for a while then everyone left.

Monday, actual date for Yule, we will celebrate as a family, just like the rest of the coven will celebrate with their families. Until then I have lots to do this weekend.... two sewing projects, one knitting project and one baking project before Christmas gets here (and yes we celebrate both)

Hope you all are doing wonderful! I look forward to an exciting and fruitful new year, i hope you do too.

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