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This has been the WORSE move of my life.


I am rather ill and debilitated beyond anything I've ever experienced in my life.  I am baffled and pissed!


The entire trip home I held such high hopes but that dream was quickly spat upon when we got here.  I can't describe the feelings of physical and emotional angst that have transpired within me.  I haven't been feeling well for 6 days.  It's grown daily in physical pain and indescribable exhaustion. Yesterday I finally broke down.  My husband had to give me a sedative to calm my tears and pains.  


This entire move would have taken  me 1 week to accomplish.  This time, however, the universe had other plans.  And please tell me, oh please tell me, who visits people DURING their move?  Movers are hauling our furniture and items into the new house and we get visitors.  This has been happening EVERYDAY since we moved in 6 days ago.  What is that?  I've never experienced that or have heard of this act, or is this a new northwest Arkansas custom?  This visiting thing is quite stressful when one is moving into a new place and not feeling well and is completely inappropriate.  Don't do it to people you love. And today we are still expecting visitors. What the hell?    Oh, and our roommate, our first night in the house, has a girl sleep over for the evening.  Don't get me started on that debacle.  He is new to the state and he finds some chick who, quite obviously, has no manners and stays over strangers' home.  Then my stepson's mother thinks it's a good idea to have him visit his dad (my husband) while we are settling in.  Ok, I'm not feeling well, am I over-reacting?


I keep rattling over in my mind thoughts of seclusion, just for a little bit.  Where would I go?  When?  My system has been overloaded, over exposed and I think I'm about to suffer a real melt-down.  I need to be alone...soon.



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