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Merry meet! I hope everyone enjoyed their new year's eve and new year's day! So, I was on Twitter the other day and stumbled across an interesting tweet via @tagWicca and @tagPagan. I discover a fellow pagan/witch/tweep/blogger (@rowanpendragon) has started the Pagan Blog Project.

The PBP is a challenge to all witchy bloggers for the entire year of 2012. Every Friday bloggers post their PBP about a different subject. Because their are 52 weeks in a year, we will be using the alphabet. For example this Friday (Jan 6th) I will be blogging about a topic that begins with the letter A. Next Friday (13th) I will be blogging about a different topic that begins with A. Then the 20th I will choose something that begins with B and it will continue on that way all year!


I decided to make a list of topics I am interested in blogging about this year. To help make a more complete list I busted out "The Witch Book" by Raymond Buckland. Here's the list:

Jan 6th - Aradia
Jan 13th - Astral Projection
Jan 20th - Book of Shadows
Jan 27th - Buckland, Raymond
Feb 3rd - Cunningham, Scott
Feb 10th - Circle Sanctuary
Feb 17th - Drawing Down the Moon/Sun
Feb 24th - Dianic Wicca
March 2nd - Exorcism
March 9th - Elves
March 16th - Fairies
March 23rd - Fortune, Dion
March 30th - Gypsies
April 6th - Gardner, Gerald Brouseau
April 13th - Horned God
April 20th - Hag
April 27th - Incubus/Succubus
May 4th - Initiation
May 11th - Jack o' Lantern
May 18th - Juno/Hera
May 25th - Knights Templar
June 1st - Kelley, Edward
June 8th - Lilith
June 15th - Lycanthropy (Werewolf)
June 22nd - Malleus Maleficarum (Witches' Hammer)
June 29th - Morgan Le Fey
July 6th - Names
July 13th - Necromancy
July 20th - Oracle
July 27th - Owls
Aug 3rd - Pan
Aug 10th - Poppet
Aug 17th - Qabalah
Aug 24th - Quarters
Aug 31st - Reincarnation
Sept 7th - Retrograde
Sept 14th - Selene
Sept 21st - Salem Witch Trials
Sept 28th - Threefold Law
Oct 5th - Triple Goddess
Oct 12th - Unicorn
Oct 26th - Veil
Nov 2nd - Voodoo
Nov 9th - Weatherworking
Nov 16th - Watchtowers
Nov 23rd - X?
Nov 30th - X?
Dec 7th - Y?
Dec 14th - Y?
Dec 21st - Z?
Dec 28th - Z?

This list may change (I'm guessing probably!), but I wanted to have an idea of what I'll be researching. I hope you all enjoy my blogging on this project!


Blessed be!



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