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Found this blurb today while perusing the interwebs. I've heard of the green and orange being catholic and protestant respectively, but never purple for paganism. I wonder how true it is.

"During the 1st through 5th centuries during the Roman Empire expansion into Gaul and other Celtic lands, the Druids were not completely included into the new oligarchy. Julius Caesar in the first century even campaigned against them. Tiberius even passed laws of prohibition against practicing druidism. However early writing at the time gave very high social standing to these "priests." Their ceremonial dress often included green and purple. 

The rise of the Catholic Church and eventual turn of the Roman Empire into the Holy Roman Empire where the Pope because more powerful than the Caesars re! sulted in what became known as the Spanish Inquisition (as the power center moved from Rome to Spain). As the Catholic Church worked to eradicate the other religions (Paganism, Druidism, Judaism, Islam, and eventually Protestantism) the Pagans and especially the Druids began to use purple dyed clothes and purple face paints in their usually defensive skirmishes. Thus from the 12th century until the late 18th century, purple stained faces and fingers and clothes became to be associated with paganism. 

The purple dye came from woad, and the indigo process was usually associated with lower classes due to the smell of the process and the health hazards. By the 13th century the travails of "miller's blue" were subject of laws and eventually reforms in thew 19th century industrial revolution. 

Roughly one can make the argument that the Irish flag shows the religious separation of the country: green = Catholic, orange = Protestant. Purple is not present but would represent the pagans. Wearing purple on St. Patrick's Day is a rather obscure tradition in Wiccan and other pagan observances."

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Comment by Fiammetta Fireborn on March 18, 2014 at 11:31am

Well, heck, if it's not a tradition, maybe we should start wearing purple as a sign of remembrance for all the innocent people that were murdered by the church. Not necessarily on St Patrick's day but maybe pick a day to remember as a community that there was a time when we didn't have the freedom to practice our craft and also as a reminder that in some countries, witches still face the penalty of death if they're ever caught.

Comment by Fiammetta Fireborn on March 19, 2014 at 11:01am

IDK, ignoring it seems pretty callous to me. Wearing purple for this persecuted group, or that persecuted group, is more about raising awareness and causing a societal shift in consciousness than it is about owning other people's persecution. That's how honest change happens. It can't be mandated by governmental bodies and it takes time. Sometimes a few generations. And religious persecution still happens in "liberated" places like the US (I can't speak for the UK as I've never been there). 


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