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Time the illusion conscience transition space is unstable to witness creation a life form crying for existence,philosophy understanding what happens is written by trees they know and remember there is answer,celestial conjunctions a still atmosphere as everything stops at the alter where there is us controlling eternity forever in battle trying to convince of mercy to be a better person dead beat mechanism shielding believing in other than oblivion a self sanctuary avoiding depending on nobody water entropy technical morality that first energy matters of reaction a growling warrior some mistaken savior,disturbed pilgrims holy mountain sacred fountain bounty facing close proximity rebirth animation stream that re-returns breathing tributary exits by accident taken for granted forever parchments soon to cinder otherwise  alternate explanations the X force spinning atomic forces radio transmissions we are all turning into machines mirrored indented into the atmosphere futile idioms the river separated a pathway metaphoric myth so enduring mirage a sacred circuit element twin garment morphogenetic incarnate light sensitives within electronic symmetry dense gross tanglement particle frequency morphic resonance immediate worship twisting an entire new planet in three decades Magellan data showed that the surface of Venus had few craters;the resurfacing is a catastrophic event that would have buried the planet's surface  under about 1 mile (1.6 kilometer) of lava and caused by unknown, exotic interior processes previous Earth existence animals are generations of human conscience in limbo transmutation very obvious we are running out of chances then the end of existence quartz causes the Earth's rotation the light pulses twice a day reacting with these rock formations,

the beginning of knowledge picture frame band of static embryonic superficial morons amulet masses multiplex assimilation concurrent fragmentation end spectrum subconscious inspiration the giants now dwell in another dimension tragic end spectrum hypocrisy and imbecility the hypothesis of a God successive individuals critic  diagnostic republics caste-distinctions at the center judicial institutions possessed faculties punitive and principle as symbols alternative simple margin gathered footsteps whispering history an oasis glory holy trinity thought energy verses  sounding sentiment gothic structures forgotten purpose encompasses shredded sacrament blood enactment function of constellations  cascading into visions,laberator tabilitas patchwork subservient models pursued by integrity emblems,

gallow mourners initial transition to play picture pathways why i have explained in my blogs there is some progress but that what people take for granted a kind of cinema show to me is a act of survival being snapped back to reality before the river that first energy so all i can do is describe a corridor the remedy is not my question but to educate about why living forms dream to know within this realm is god that electric keeps our hearts beating a sacred journey built by individual species in an attempt to master gravity everything that is spoken always is questioned we all know hat that nightmare is a constrictive corridor being chased by familiar demons that as they get you to awaken as if to say without sleep there be nothingness lifeless a separate entity reaching a cosmology of the planet's eternal unstable recoiling mechanism back to what am i trying to define it is that instinctive reflex a complex of understanding a ship of imagination the very framework of third eye religions or that of health and condition why a baby wakes up for no reason and screams we are the makings of mass illusion persistence of vision the force of all creation

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