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You know....I remember as a kid, having my mom go to parent/teacher conferences weren't so bad. I was a pretty good kid that did pretty good in school. But now, as a parent...even I am not crazy about going to them lol. Although, since I switched school for my son....the teachers are much nicer and willing to listen. I went to the conferences today and for the first time in years...the teachers actually listened to my hubby and me. My son has troubles with reading and for the first time...we had a teacher that actually gave him some tests to see where he is at, and the other teachers are willing to work with the reading teacher to make sure my son does well in school. For us, that's a first after the school he was in before this year. I won't even go into that mess because there isn't enough room in this spot for me to bitch about it lol. I am so glad that we decided to switch school and get him into a school where the teachers actually want the kids to succeed and not just there for a paycheck. All his teacher from before said he couldn't do this and he couldn't do that.....and boy, I was expecting that today. But to my surprise, we had teachers saying that he is smart and participates in class, he just can't get his thoughts from his head to his pencil....which, I know there are alot of people out there like that....that is why they come up with computer software like DragonSpeak...right? I was so ready to get froggy and jump down these teachers throats like my hubby and I had to last year....but what a difference a new school makes. So....for the first time in quite awhile....I was actually glad I went to a parent/teacher conference lol.

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Comment by Rev. on November 19, 2008 at 7:13am
That's awesome! I am glad to see things like that. My daughter is in four year old kindergarten, and I haven't had to do the conference thing yet. Your experience gives me hope. Thanks for sharing.

Reverend D.


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