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The Texas National Guard is beginning to establish new green partnerships with other agencies and community organizations. The partnership is geared towards implementing the environmental plans that would help in reducing energy expenditures and costs. It implies that after the soldiers have understood the policies, they would gain ownership responsibility of the organization. The partnership would make the soldiers of various military force work towards achieving a common goal. The new military plans would enable the military guards to work together with the civilians to help in sustaining the environment. The sustainability initiatives of the Texas military forces for new green partnership would assist in maintaining their mission, protecting resources and securing their future. The invention of the new environmental organization plans would help in the prevention of environmental pollutions, complying with the environmental laws and regulations. The partnership with the Texas National Guard for implementation of new environmental airline plans relates to sustainability in various ways. The partnership would help in sustaining the environment by restoring and protecting its resources to reduce energy expenditures and costs. The partnership would ensure continuity of the military airline guard even if the resources of one organization depletes.

From this assignment, I have learned that partnership is the basis of sustainability. For instance, the partnered companies cannot fail simultaneously. In case essay writing service fail, the other organization can supply it with resources. For environmental airline guards, the partnering agencies would take charge in case their facilities fail to work properly. Partnership helps me to understand the need for solidarity. It makes the participants convene to discuss challenges affecting the sustainability of the environment. The partnership also helps in making people understand the need of obeying the rules and regulations of the various agencies. Therefore, the partnership is an important tool that assists various organizations to compare notes on leadership techniques and make necessary adjustments. 

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