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I love winter mornings. They are so lovely and peaceful, particularly when they are filled with delicate snow drifts. The world outside this house is so white. But not everything is void of color: the trees stand a stark brown against the pristine glow. Those with pine needles add a touch of dark green. And then there are the man-made abodes, with their fences and colorful exterior decor. My favorite aspect of winter is staring out from within the warmth of a house, tea cup in hand as a constant heat against palms and fingers, and the cold fresh breath of wind that enters through my cracked window at night.

Soon I will be emerging into the outside world to venture off to work, which is a short walk from where my parent's live. I don't mind the trek, though it can get horribly cold at times. I find it peaceful. And work is going to be hectic. Its the busiest gas station in town. So the prior peace is a time of centering to prepare for the insanity of the next four hours.

I'm nervous. As usual. I trained yesterday, but the training felt overwhelming and I'm not sure if I'll remember everything correctly. There are hundreds of different tasks in the store that need to be accomplished. I just hope I'm not working the cash registar today. That isn't my cup of tea. I like hiding far back behind the counter, making food and staying in my shy safety bubble. Sadly, it won't be something I can do forever. That's life for you; always pushing you out of your safety zone. We need the pushing. That doesn't mean I have to like it.

At least I'm feeling more awake. Rambling in the blog helps center my thoughts and feelings. Helps me wake up. I need to, because I have to get ready for work. I'm still so sleepy and I've been up for over an hour. Fantastic. I'll have to make lunch. I started feeling dizzy yesterday from the lack of food. We didn't get even one break. In fact, they didn't explain how the break thing works at the shop. I was lucky enough to have one to get a drink of Pepsi. No sitting though; my legs were so sore afterwards!

In any case, better be off to get ready.

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