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Moonwaters emailed me and suggested that I need to write the next chapter in my blog. So this is it. People are so stupid it's hard to fathom how they get by.

I still don't have a job. I go to interviews and spend hours filling out applications and no job. Here is an example of stupid people. I applied for unemployment. The reason I dont have a job is that I retired and I'm looking for other work. The unemployment people didn't know what to do with that information. They called it a "quit" therefore, I'm not entitled to unemployment. Then I get this letter that says they want me to fill out this form to explain why I "quit". So I explained that I retired because my health was getting worse because of work. That my school district knew I had this bad back disability. I had a Section 504 claim saying that I had to work on the first floor, or by the elevator, and my traveling through the building needs to be limited. At first that was honored, then new principals came in because nobody could control the high school kids, and now the principal can't honor my 504 so I was tranferred. This next school also does ok concerning the lack of traveling about the building at first but for this year they put me way back in BFE away from the elevator. I knew all the walking would make me break again. I have osteoporosis and osteoarthritis and disc degeneration. I have broken my foot twice simply from walking. So I retired. The unemployment people now say it's ok for me to get unemployment because I "quit" because of my health and the employer knew of my health condition and didn't help me. So they told me I'm getting some back unemployment pay.

Then I fill out the form on line for the week of Nov. 6 and have to report my pension that finally started. Now they are all confused again because first it is going to be 85% of my total pension, then after 60-90 days it will be the full pension and a retroactive check eventually. The woman who called me really didn't understand the principal of getting 85% now and more later. How hard is that? So I had to fax her my pension award letter. I hope she understands it now.

So here I am, paperwork on line, resumes, transcripts, letters of reference, paperwork galore, and jobless. Did I mention that my pension is so small I can't afford the health insurance? So I have none. I never wanted to be a sub teacher and I detest the idea but I may have to do it. At least I'll have money coming in if I sub but still no insurance. I also started selling (?) Avon. That's really hard to do when you can't take the books to work and guilt your co-workers into buying something. My daughter is taking my Avon books to work and so is a friend. Do you like Avon? Go to and you can order from my online store.

Tomorrow (Wednesday) I have 2 interviews. Wish me luck.

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Comment by Moonwaters on November 16, 2010 at 11:30pm
Yes, people are stupid, it's like an epidemic. I will register at your Avon site tomorrow. I also understand the unemployment stuff. My husband was unemployed for 18 months and we lived on unemployment. Our checks ran out a few weeks before he found a job (in June). It is a difficult thing to live with. It's always on your mind one way or another and is very stressful. You will be in my thoughts all day tomorrow. Talk later .... good night. Peace & love.
Comment by Karen Black on November 17, 2010 at 1:24pm
Is it the system itself which is tying you in knots or the people who implement it? I am in England so sending me Avon goods could be a problem! It is Wedness today so I hope your interviews were successful.
Comment by Iraja on November 17, 2010 at 10:00pm
I think it is the system and people who don't know how to navigate it, myself included. I was in a bad place when I wrote that. All people are overwhelmed right now.


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