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For those who haven't been living in outer space or in a cave, we all know that Hurricane Harvey hit Texas hard on August 25th. People had to evacuate, pets were lost or left behind, homes and businesses damaged. The list goes on.

Tonight I have been reading through my daily Facebook news feed and posts. I feel blessed and emotional that we live in a country where everyone comes together when people need each other. Whether it's physically, monetary, prayers, donations, etc. people show support and love for each other.

I don't know if this is against the rules by promoting a website, but since it's related to helping others with the hurricane, I thought it should be ok. If you have a Paypal account setup (and it's very easy to do if you don't) you can donate to the Hurricane Harvey Relief. There are 15 charities you can pick from, which most speak to your beliefs or heart.

Since I love animals more than anything, I chose the Houston Humane Society. You can choose to remain anonymous. With the donations if you can't afford the amounts they have listed, you can enter your own amount in for what you can do.

Please help if you can and even if you can't by funds, prayers and thoughts are something anyone can do for each other.

It's amazing to see people come together and help out in times that it is needed most. Just people helping other people. :D

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