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Cows can sleep while standing up but only dream lying down then prophetically cross their arms like praying,pieces of eight it is too late the final circle this planet has existed nine times before quartz ticking seconds out generations clock work mechanisms destiny runs out eventually universal light is interpreted a the same constant energy bound by mechanisms of thought two tribes green and red frequency according to individual species,those third eye sciences seeds that sparks a vessel of continuation soul communication,on text thought of the what is syndrome, truth lies within electronic symmetry eyes looking searching crying a sense of purpose the right of creation into existence my dreams are always shattered lost forever replaced by bacteria threaded ramblings teardrop happenings to be a binary the same energy the planet a circuit that is created everyday regeneration dense reflex the gross entanglement point soul of light traveling to a distance particle frequency natural ability point of fact idol banter religious depictions conscience bellows an eternal moment a flippant saline attitude within foundations of destiny meanings of existence vexation own salvation explain angels and titans,

points to a pair of scales to be holding a twin feather, gold down one side and purple down the other vacant or opposing outweighing the combined mass of earth radiance which forms a cone from a point high up in space within our consciousness gradually build up a karmic debt which will haunt f we allow the reverse of positive constructive trial and error, to re-polarize a jewel of numberless dealing with mathematics remain constant different interpretations unprecedented magnitude world-shaking catastrophe within living memory shifting of the earth's polarity is known as the precessions of the Equinoxes and the complete process takes twenty-five thousand years to cover the twelve Zodiacal signs and as its cleansing rays sweep outwards, it sears and discomforts all those who are in disharmony with the spiritual knowledge which it brings. It fills them with the foreboding of disaster and many more detach themselves and walk fearlessly into the light.into a dark pillar or column, and many of those within its dark circle are filled with fear one thing and some another, which manifests itself as a swirling mass of rainbow colors,to a coven showing some man pretending to worship something reminds me of black magic i don't believe in goddesses or priests maybe healers medicine woman to talk about problems makes my online too serious people who are in danger need real help by another person good people are rare makes no difference because of distance the statue can many faces the very first humans did not eat or breath only hot drinks for oxygen and water as they were more spirit than matter this is a reminder as part of nature vessel pod soul creator an ancient symbol for the power  objects of immediate worship among the heathens in contradistinction precious jewelry and ornaments contrary to his expectations the mob

watching sparks in the fire games people play the baton thrown into the air meditation sat down is too limited self oriented when at one time people danced the soul is taken for granted an initial spark that via imagination each night in sleep our souls are created this is almost mechanical but if a living form does not dream the entire bio static field eventually fades out like a battery completely exhausted of energy so the soul is not constant,this principle that a seperate energy gives us animation not just our body going through chemical changes makes scientists argue each species is a master of their own particular gravity field limited by design and structure so gravity in a way is god our will mind over matter the collective consciousness heart begins fluctuating we all go to the same place when dreaming that place is the magnetic envelope that surrounds the earth there upon the horizon remains a ship the ark of all knowledge how do we get there via the soul which is formed when in deep sleep the agony of not dreaming to wonder is that all we are a wired serpent electrical coil that resembles thread bacterial spinal particles so all we are is a coil collecting energy that controls crystals yet prone to energy loss a circle of how it is why we sleep what the spine is questions about calcium bone a soft rock brittle crystal covered in mesh polluted water made up dark elements fashion that point we travel within a dream so to be an invisible entity,each time a kind of miracle to unravel,rest or astral a childhood vision meeting of the angel race a pool that resounds at life's fountain antain point of awakening  origins universal mechanisms peculiar to the place life first started,

a single incredible prayer retro-authentication souls exist the filament sphere experiment i seen this after being kept awake for two weeks it was onslaught death parchment and be an accurate a black light antimatter micro sphere we create while dreaming scientific exact circumstances evil proximity the torture the then neighbor or illusions speculation this soul vessel can also be seen as a mirror sometimes in sunlight a transparent sphere and coil thread binary circuit to exit the crows march out our dreams that remain the same constant stream,from the binding light stirring fabrics of mind weaving pathways of progressive thinking a paraphrase resident reality building the day lingering like a poignant bullet firing splinters enshrouding us with evil,nothing matters only reason time and distance the atmosphere weeping praying to stay alive, shattered at every bend people ultimately change then become more lost the perfect sphere a window we all pass through each time we dream there in soul creation a cosmic bubble,loosing your world and finding another destiny,

a crystal shattering what you seen a spaceship all those years ago souls in transit same as comets Spider by jon anderson as he does not even know the exact words as he was posessed and sang them in split octavesi never read further than headlines they created antimatter the god particle but gravity is still a mystery round dance is the same conception but a forgotten ability and has become a common object matter of opinion transition planet regeneration turned inside out creating a new surface just like Venus that has over the last thirty years formed a new atmosphere because of constant volcanic activity so says NASA seems incredible an entire new planet in three decades Magellan data showed that the surface of Venus had few craters;the resurfacing is a catastrophic event that would have buried the planet's surface under about 1 mile (1.6 kilometer) of lava and caused by unknown, exotic interior processes previous Earth existence animals are generations of human conscience in limbo transmutation very obvious we are running out of chances then the end of existence quartz causes the Earth's rotation the light pulses twice a day reacting with these rock formations five minute walk from my flat is a river made red by radioactive red clay hence the town i live in is called Redditch quartz is bone like in nature calcium based gravity is an unknown

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Comment by Vito on August 3, 2018 at 8:56am

I am sulking because i got no friends or family and i need a tooth extracted.people who make false promises exhibit evil or is it just me being unknowable,what i write about is real not exactly philosophy but reality if you said look i have witnessed the creation and traveled through all of history first reaction your mental,second is best not argue but it be nice to believe in something true as to waste time following false trails is no what i have ever been into


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