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Just then life began the vacuums formed lines shedding color across the universe,moving spheres into motion fragmented into crystal formations,the very existence of evolution within each dimension limitations of movement order of planetary mechanisms,governed by relative position within the solar panel of each to make up the cosmic plan ,the heart of our very motion all entwining through universal planes of existence,coloring each fabric of vibration set into it appointed sphere of understanding,developing towards life eternal giving breath of mind and purpose,feathering by the tides of change moving on forever as insignificance,yet still we are all star dust,regional spheres colliding interrelated movements assimilated speech broken down codes of sunlight,minds in union transforming the reality that grows all around,words cascade forming speech of which seems timeless as old as the very source,

onward inward toward the very light our life's blood we all share the same rays of light charging our site for evermore, the light continues without us until we learn of immortality the to be more a part of what we are here for,the point of understanding reached in this mortal body,will imprint into your eternal soul and reflect through into your next mortal body a speculation,point of fear to be victim of temptation following the weary masses in a deathly rime,questions of conscience to be a animal or human and everything that happens to us,the unbelievable air pressure that effects us a ton of mass victims of gravity,the spirit that entwines and relates through all creation,a view of energy that secret minority ,human reaction the personified image of your facial mask only governs and tells of things learned, inborn inherited confusion influences of television and the dark ages make up that common ground we consider logical happenings sinking falling into nothingness

we are all looking through one set of eyes just an impossible dream,these strange luminous creatures blundered and forsaken,as one took the fruit ingesting it,it could be seen falling through the creatures mouth,moving down his luminous body ,yet sadly his glow began to fade as if a great ritual had been broken,to climb the sacred mountain only to find a stage,to be acted out a part with the masses waiting for him to blunder,the end is near time revolves,survival and existence shine on strong,heard deep within the dark forest of creation,seeking a sanctuary within a mass of confusion,away from the battles and internal conflict,existing in harmony with each other from this sphere all dreams celestial travelers reaching for the inner spaces,revealing all it's secrets,just an impossible dream the sphere long ago,at a time of magic once filled the air,this gift was distorted and emotions filtered into the light,sediment parchment fracture,friction waves of animals,the earth spinning in infinity,gyroscopic friction of the equinox conjunctions causing the earth to slow down slightly each year

thus a vision a paradox a dream illusion,this day of days the moon was full venus shining bright apon the horizon spinning in circles the collapsed into a vortex the entire planet reverted back to the start of life,through the room walked fish like giants,calling from space found beyond the seventh circle the sky opened,the clouds became fused into crystals rising from magnetic east,a rumbling could be heard a streak of light opened up a temple gate,

knowledge game, man's role, measurement, noumenon, ontological model, participatory universe, Peirce, perturbation, phenomenon, physical information, Plato, pollution, population genetics, predictions, projection,source information, Spinoza, string theory, sustainable technology, (3+1) dimensions, uncertainty principle, unitary space, Weinberg angle, Wheeler, Wick,the universal light is interpreted a the same constant energy bound by mechanisms of thought frequency according to individual species,those third eye sciences seeds that sparks a vessel of continuation soul communication,on text thought of the what is syndrome,Charisma potential relative thought forces,congenial apathy social festering,ones time spent in idolatry those real forms of creativity,to be a good productive logical person, to act accordant with the subconscious reality of a measure between that level of emotion that stimulates ones mind eye into humility,to face the inevitable truth of what lies in front of us,we partake to collision and misery like that of inexplicable coincidence,a mule tide fantasy the boundaries of time and distance chains of mortal existence,so to say a magic tide of remembrance would be worth the inconvenience,to realize a energy that seems familiar, The earth is falling out of orbit due to friction and fragmentation it circular motion like a spinning top failing the straight lines of light illuminate the sun and pass through everything rooted into a cholesterol window that is recoiling all the galaxy in a spiral filament of eventual nothingness,
The earth was once not tilted and rotated much faster,mechanical spirit writing do that or the other,travel to the horizon and then cross over into the light relative motion spiritual acceleration binary god writes it's message on the face of this round planet,man bieng self blinded is unable to read it,a few among us having sight try to interpret it to others,but the human mass sneers at them for thier pains,only a few among us the cultured and intelligent,the child like simple ones among the peasants and workers recieve the message and so return love to the messengers,mankind seems stricken with spiritual blindness and deafness,unable to read the mystic writing on the wall of this world,unwilling to listen to the few seers,we rise from the cradle of birth and grasp at life with passionate hands but soon sink into a passionless grave,the powers which guide the universe,which guard mankind and watch over the world,will speak to this century much more forceful and demonstrate events more startling than mere words,an excuse to crack the cthe key inplanted as you slowly turn the key pain and fear leek out,an invisible thread penetrating those gates a puppet on a string,so to say how cruel and then to just leave,

Gazing at the mystical moon i summon Venus another god,i summon all the birds to join me and in the distance appears a man with stricken eyes,he holds on a thread the hustling the bustling the people moving together in a death,watcher seeing through a window ,looking always looking,day breaks away from night,as we grow older it gets easier to forget,the fear of the truth lies within you,electronic symmetry eyes looking searching crying,thus common place a pit of alien invaders,a raving lunatic word gymnastics,those wave forms considered reasonable reaction remembering whispering angels which defines us humans and not animals,bacterial viral infestations all part of god's creation,crazy smiles surrounded by seclusion fate blooms sunny horizons,scale by letter form inductions wave moon tides,over familiar rantings order of continuation dreams and fantasy,false rituals lunar landings,escape velocity angle of acceleration,friction and gravity situation and beauty,life as a celebration self ridicule,ordinary yet haunted words repeated so not to seem foolish make worth of stirring echoes,to relay as written documents sad sorrow pictures of tomorrow,
mass anguish battered individual draped in instance,reaching toward insignificance past presence,journey's end weights and measures,infant midgets clerical dictionaries deleted sentiments,so all those that trespass against me like a rare jewel with all the colors of the rainbow,

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