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I went to visit an old graveyard today. Most of the graves are of people who lived and died in the 1800’s. I have been there before under the cover of darkness but never by the light of day. I wanted to read some of the headstones and see things through a sunny view. It was a beautiful day outside. High wispy clouds, plenty of sun, mild temperatures, and a slight breeze.

The dead speak in many ways. The type of headstone, graveside ornaments, care given the grave, dates and epitaphs on the headstones, and for those who listen with their intuition, the sounds of nature and whispers in your ear.

The grave of the Confederate soldier, that someone has been caring for, still had a confederate flag waving in the breeze. It spoke of a time of great sacrifice. The division between the North and the South was great. A time of death and destruction, hate and anger.

Some of the headstones and gravesites have fallen into disrepair. One headstone had fallen over and broken into three pieces. There was a hand carved into the top of the headstone that once pointed to the sky. Now the hand is pointing at an old tree that was creaking as the branches swayed. The lady buried there seem to say “Look to the Earth, the trees and all of Nature.” I’m sure originally the intent was to say “Look to Heaven, that is where I am.” Maybe her spirit went to Heaven and her body was absorbed by the roots of the old tree creaking.

Headstone epitaphs are often chosen by the deceased before they pass over. One lady chose the epitaph “We will meet again.” A message of hope for those who loved her, maybe a son, daughter, husband, grandchild, or friend.

In Palo Mayombe, the Palero goes to the graveyard and taps on each grave with a stick looking for the dead who wish to become part of his house. He listens with all his senses, both physical and intuitively, until he finds a willing participant for his Nganga.

In Hoodoo and Obeah, graveyard dirt is used for various workings. Knowing the manner of death, and type of person buried where the graveyard dirt is taken from, is an important part of acquiring the needed energies. Here again, listen in the place where the dead speak.

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