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I was at my grandadaughters birthday party yesterday and saw something amazing.
I watched a program about the Air Cars built by Francise Negra a French Auto Ingineer that once built super fast gas guzzleing race cars.
This air car is a dream come true to people who honestly does not want to live life with their kneck in the Oil Companies noose. the Air Car is reasonably fast and can go for 135 miles on one tank of air. You can't win a race but if you are in a hurry, well, this car might not be for you. Besides our world has been in such a hurry to pollute the air and destroy our planet that maybe slowing down a bit is just what we need. You can even breath the air right out of the tank without dying of carbon monoxide poisoning.
This man has worked on this car for years and has a new line ready to be sold, BUT NOT IN AMERICA! WHAT! Why can't we have some of the good stuff. Well, I will tell you why. MONEY! The money that the High End Automakers will lose if something truly good comes along.
Just like the EV1's of the early 1990. This little electric car was a true planet saving innovation, unfortunatly people could not own them but they could lease them. A Government thing, I am sure!
The EV1 was pretty fast and could even be gotten in a four passenger style. They had a pretty fair distance, too. They could be charged up with an electric charging station which could have been set up for Solar. These were a bit expensive to install but the EV1 would have paid for itself in time and clean air.
Solar! Egads! That is something else that ALMOST didn't happen, But IT DID, YAY!
Back to the Ev1. Do you want to know why the Ev1 dissappeared? Well, I will tell you, anyway!
The Super Powers That Be! Automakers with Big, Fast and Fancy ideas that required fossil fuels, and The Big, Rich Petroleum Companies that could see their future dollars dwindle because People wanted a cheaper, cleaner way to get around and live.
All is not lost! There is the Amazing Tesla, Super Fast (for an electric)and Sporty Electric Car. But, Then again, Will we get one? Only if we can afford $100,000.00 (Check out YouTube for more about these Products).
Oh and don't let me forget to mention th adorable Smart for One. I love these little thing but unless I am going to buy a loaf of bread and dozen eggs or just go to the store and back I really could use it. Smart for One is a perfect energy efficient, to work and back, buggy.
The Solar Industry I previously mentioned had quite a struggle to get to where it is these days and had it been left up to the fossil fuel peddling interprises, Solar would have dissappeared too. Crushed, no doubt in the same crushers that mashed the EV1 (I think the Powers That Be keeps one on retainer).
However, with the present situation the world has found itself in, the saviors of the world are fighting their way out into to light. I mean Solar Power, Air and Electric Car inventors and a whole slew of folks with really Great, Green Ideas for transportation and living.
So here it is! When is America going to get some of these Fantastic Deals. Mr Obama, HELP! Bring back the EV1, let us have the Air Car, The Tesla, Family sized electric cars or Build more and Bigger Solar Powered Power Stations.
Most people don't realize that fossil fuel production carries a double or triple whammy. Manufactureing or production emits greenhouse gases. Transportation to distributors emits greenhouse gases. Transportation to public facilities where we buy it, emits greenhouse gases and then we put out our own percent of greenhouse gases out there when we drive our Vans, Suv's,Hummers and Four Wheel drives.Not to mention the price. I am guilty to, so this blog is just as much for my own reprimand as it is a message to others.
Let us use what is free,the Air and the Sun, at least until the Powers That Be can figure out how to charge for it or monopolize it.
i am tired of not even affording enough gas to go to the Books-A-Million and being ashamed of myself when I can afford it, so I spend a lot of time at home. I have even considered a converted golf cart to go to the store right up the road. Since I can see the Dollar General across my neighbors pasture I can always take a shortcut.

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Comment by Windcaller on December 21, 2009 at 11:00pm
All that anyone in power cares about... is consumerist capitalism... and generating a more potent millitary...... what makes this worse is that everyone on the pyramid is being conditioned to accept it as the only way........ in the new age... people like us will hopefully band together.. and populate remote areas... building our own technological villages, or so I hope this will be.


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