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The above picture is a sketch of a Maya priest which was found on the altar room wall in the Temple of Chac Mul at Chichen Itza in the Yucatan of Mexico. The Temple of Chac Mul is located under the Temple of the Warriors at Chichen Itza.

Maya priests were well educated men who performed the religious ceremonies dictated by the Maya calendar and culture. They were literate and could read the writings of the scribes and nobles. The many Maya codices that were burned by the Spaniards contained information used by the priests. And just like the codices that were destroyed, the Maya priests were the first persons executed by the Spaniards because they contained the knowledge of the religion which the Spaniards considered evil.

Conjure is the catching or summoning of a spirit into an object or place. The Maya glyph for conjure is a hand holding a fish. Scholars say this is because holding or conjuring a spirit is slippery business, like trying to hold a live fish in your hand. Their analogy may be true but Maya scholars are constantly changing and updating their findings based on new revelations.

In the following skull picture I have conjured the spirit of the Maya priest pictured in the sketch on the altar room wall in the Temple of Chac Mul. You can see his neck muscles have formed rising up from the base of the skull. His head has not completely formed but it is tilted back like he is looking upward into the sky. His tendons are exposed that go around his jaw bone and his eyes, nose, and other facial features have not yet fully developed.

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