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Proving the electric universe theory. All is moving (charged) and still (uncharged) Energy!

Everything we can see and touch is made of energy. When you throw a stone at stomething and it breaks, it emits heat and sometimes spreads Sparks. So you see, that this Stone contains energy, which only solidified and through Vibration/got back to it's energetic state.
Everything in this world is energy. The molecules inside your body are moving/vibrating particles, that bond with each other through the charges of their Atoms. These atoms try to get into a state of 0 charge or perfect Balance, just like everything inside this universe. Let me give you some examples:
If you look at male and female, you see, that the male is emiting it's Energy and female is receiving it. The male seed is like an electron. Now the female is receiving or drawing it inside her seed like a magnet or charged particle. Looking at the solar system, we have the same principle. The panets are all bound inside their shells like protones in a molecule. By looking at the sun, we see IT is emiting energy, hitting other planets. These planets spin around and the energy gets charged Like a magnet coil. I think that is how the moon is creating it's magnetic field. We have the stongest pull, when the moon is full!! That must mean, that the light of the sun is charging the moon, which then draws things towards it. A bee  (sacred Symbol of ancient cultures) does something similar it flaps with it's wings, charging it's "fur", which draws pollen near it. This way it pollinates other flowers, creating Balance.
So the pull/charging particle is female energy and the push decharging electrons/ions is male energy.
The male Symbol is the Pole/djed pillar/shiva lingam, which looks like a mushroom cloud.

So we have a constant interchange between duality/magnetism/pulling and uniting Energy and unity/energetic decharging/penetrating and separating Energy. Ancients called this Yin and Yang, Shiva shakti, tiamat and apsu, etc.

In this concept you can also see the Trinity:

father: atum, osiris, baal,...

mother: Isis, maat, ishtar,...

son: horus, ra, tammuz,...

The son is allways the father ressurrected by the mother, like a Phoenix from the ashes or a snake shedding it's skin, which is Like a birth Canal for the "reborn" snake.

This way you could also prove the big bounce theory. Or the principle of Entering a New age.

The senses also contains this duality:

Hearing or sound ist the vibration of thought, which is like the waves pulled Up by the moon, so female

Seeing or light is the penetrating energy of the sun.

Both are mental

Smell is the "Vibration" smallest particle of an object (flower, etc.), which is like pollen pulled by a bee, again female

And taste is the Penetration/ devouring of an object (Apple), which then uses it's Energy for it's own, Like the sun is using gas. This means it's Male again. At last we also have the throat, that is like the male creating Part of hearing, which all in all is thought, Male and female, creating ans receiving. Feeling then ist the female aspect of the body, which is Made Up of our food we Take in through pur mouth, again Like a Phoenix Out of the Ash or fertile soil/food.

In the fertile soil the seed also gets born by Rain (Male) and the earth (female) bearing it inside the womb until a New cycle (spring) begins.

So actually all is the same energy charging and decharging/ breathing/ drumming/ flying/ moving, up and down Back and forth. The breath of Life!

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