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I'm Taking a much needed time off! Been doing some soul searching, and no I'm not done yet! I completely understand and truely know somethings or people never change. Which I'm fine with, it's not my karma I'm talking bout ! lol (devilish hehe)

I have enjoyed my new job. I started working in April. So all is good there, and I know it's going to stay that way. We'll leave it with that. I just need to get used to a different life style. New friends and nice people that understand me.

What else is going on in my life. As you can tell I got a hair cut. It wasn't really hard to get used to. But for a while longer I'm going to practice a new way of life. I know what matters the most, and will be around. I cleaned up my computer. I'm about to clean up any online stuff too. I will be in only a few profile websites. Silly to have so many! In fact sorry to post same blog on more than one website, but I need to right now. Normally i don't like doing that. lol :)

But I will not be a stanger much longer! Sorry to all my friends! It won't be much longer I swear, and I'll be back full time!

But I wanted to let everyone know I am okay. I will be better then ever! I will update everyone after all is back to normal!

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