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Ranty, Ranty, Rant...............Or, Stay and read a rant about what's angering me and mine.....

I've had it with Pagans who can't find anything better to do than whine, grumble, and belittle other Pagans. Simply because they're different. Why were we made different if all you can do is belittle those that don't find you and your "ways" to be theirs?

When the Powers That Be made us into what we are, they made each of us different, with different minds that aren't the same. Why? Because if all we all believed the same, worded things the same, or even did the same things, we'd be nothing more than carbon copy images straight off a Xerox!

I enjoy my oddities. I enjoy the hell out of them. So, I say this now, and in all caps so there won't be any dissention about it later...... I ENJOY BEING THE STRANGE, ODD, AND ALL AROUND WEIRD ME AND IF YOU DON'T WANT THAT NEAR YOU..........SCREW OFF!

Allright, I got that out of my system. I feel a little better now. Well, maybe not, but I'm getting close.

You see, the problems started when I was little. I was alone alot, even though I have siblings. I enjoyed being by myself because it helped me realize that no one could torment me, or even belittle me for what I wanted to do or believe. I wrote tons of stories, I wandered among the wildlife of the areas I grew up in, and I enjoyed using my imagination. Sadly, those qualities of mine are now the subject of ridicule and scorn. I enjoyed, and still do enjoy watching movies, TV and listening to the radio. I enjoy being online, searching for off the wall, or weird news or articles.

Unfortunately, with all this, I became quite the literary talent. I read voraciously, in point of fact, I'm currently reading one non fiction, and two fiction tomes at the moment. I enjoy the written word with an all emcompassing joy. I find that most people don't understand my oddities, so with that, I tend to dumb myself down in order to fit in with most people. It's not that I consider most people dumb, it's just that if I was to sit down with someone and tell them about the newest tome concerning the idiosyncratic natures of man versus himself, well, no one would want to sit with me.

I have few friends that understand me. Maybe that's for the best considering my penchant for espousing this, that or the other thing seems to wear on most people.

Those that are my friends are often the brunt of exaspertation as well. It seems that what we understand of our magical selves is enough to stump even the most well read Pagan. We, that is, my friends and I, enjoy conversing about everything from String Theory to the latest comic we may have indulged in. Our tastes in movies, television and such have labeled us "Digital Pagans" and as such, should be banned from conversing with others, thereby infecting them..... Yes, I said infecting, because it seems that those with the ardorous chore of "reaching" Pagans such as us, have found themselves abashed at what we consider normal and fun.

Well, I believe that there should be fun in everything, and that too, gets me the "visage of banishment". I don't consider myself anything other than the sum of what the Powers That Be made with what they had on hand. If that puts me into the column of "Just Not Our Type Dear", then so be it, and I will consider aquiring my magical, and non magical conversations elsewhere.

But, I suppose that I've garnered enough of your time and your patience......Blessings to you that stayed and read this through with an open mind, and a deep appreciation of those that others label "weird".....

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Comment by Fantumofthewinds on March 26, 2009 at 8:33am

We are indeed not going to find people who agree with us all the time , and those with mouth, their just allow some other soul to rest, yes we are all different and yes Im a little freak , but its who I am and yes we all have something to offer , if Im weird thats great I always said Im not weird Im gifted , so if that makes me strange OHHH well. but then again id it wasent for the strange and weird people in the world none of the so unweird laughss wouldent be driveing a car, rideing in a plane , and ys just might now be here pecking on these old keys . Thanks ME WEIRD BB Fantumofthewinds


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