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The fire of the sun is like our mother keeping us warm inside her womb, that's why a small flame looks female.

If the heat inside the mothers womb grows, the small fire opens like a flower or seed and if the heat grows even more, it becomes a pillar of fire which is the male being re-born. For Re is the sun and the re-surrection is the errection of the pillar of god or the sun growing higher up the zenith during summer. After that, the pillar falls again, to be resurrected another time. When a flame sparks, it gives birth to new flames. Either these flames go out, or they grow aswell and meet the border of the original flame and it becomes a giant enlightening rage of fire. Fire bears fire, earth sinks into the watery abyss!

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Comment by Who? on July 10, 2018 at 2:58am


Wickerman burning Lughnassadh 2010.


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