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Real world and dream world (cherokee:time untime/rattlesnake constellation, aboriginal Dreams time and rainbowserpent/quetzalcoatl and ophiuchus/aquarius?

There is two realities in every human being. Awake and sleep/conscious and unconscious. These two realities are like the two parts of our brain. You can see the same thing in a tree. You have a crown (conscious) and roots (unconscious). The crown is male. It comes out of the ground (like a mushroom) and the roots/seed are female, cause they are inside the ground (mountain/male - tale/female). The male gets drawn out by the light of the sun/heat (if a hot volcano explodes (IT is in a male mushroom cloud). The female roots grow into the ground by the gravitationoal pull of the moon. The moon is white like snow. Snow/ice pulls water into a solid. Solid is the rational, geometric, conscious mind. Gaseous/firey is the emotional/hot temperament/expanding/ unconscous mind. (A cloud/steam is like a brain and lightning is like the electricity coming outside of it, going down the spine into the ground/hips. In torah we have female binah, the mother of the real world and we have chokmah the father, residing in the heavenly/dream world.

The outer torah is dearibed as water and the inner torah as fire. Male and female. Ieaoue and his shekinah. In the zodiac we have taurus and leo. Taurus is tammuz/shiva (nandi), ahura mazda (Bull of heaven), mahishasura, the white buffalo god (hopi/lakota), shango (africa). Leo/virgo is the goddess inanna/shakti (tiger), angra mainyu (lion eagle), the white buffalo calf woman (north americans have no wild cats), oya (the wild goddess).

Ida and pingala. Rising shakti and falling shiva.

Aborigines have male and female serpent god/dess (Yingara and Ngalyod). Chinese habe the horned pangu created by the egg/womb, making yin and yang.

Ancient egyptians have maat/isis(water) and asar/osiris (sun/fire).

The zodiac can bei divided into mythical and real creatures pisces/fish, aquarius/merman/dagon/enki, aries/ram, capricorn/goatfish, taurus/bull, saggitarius/centaur/minotaur/tammuz, gemini/twins/Adapa/Adam & eve, libra/scales/ishtar (statue of liberty), cancer/crab, scorpio/Aqrabuamelu/scorpion men, leo/lion, virgo/eagle goddess inanna (standing on lion), israel and mashiach (lion of judah), shakti and shiva, mahishasura and mardini!

Balance, the center of the brain/third eye/ souls abode, Gates of eden!!

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