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Reality Manipulation Boot Camp- Don't Miss It! May 29-31- Twin Lake MI

Six Crows School Presents
MAY 29, 30, 31

$175/20 hours

Trust us! It’s not called boot camp for nothing!

Andrieh’s weekend intensive features more than 20 hours of hands-on instruction in the rituals of reality manipulation, aka magic.

Boot Camp brings the highlights of Andrieh’s book, Hands-On Chaos Magic (2009, Llewellen), to life through the master occultist himself, Asogwe level Houngan in Haitian Vodou, Usui/Karuna, teacher, author, hypnotherapist, Reiki master, life coach, and long time magician.

Expect non-dogmatic, dynamic, exhiliarating, intense, hands-on training:
Basic Sorcery/Enchantment
Trance States
Perception Shifting
Energy Manipulation
Sympathetic Magic
Sigil Magic

Many more lessons featured in 'Hands-On Chaos Magic'
“In the colorful (and sometimes absurd) subculture of magicians, wannabe magicians, and armchair wizards, Andrieh Vitimus is the real deal. You don't just attend his lectures and workshops; you practice honest-to-gods, in-your-face magic.” – Lon Milo DuQuette, Author of The Magick of Aleister Crowley. Lon calls Hands-On Chaos Magic “the next best thing to working with the master himself.”

Please note: Andrieh’s boot camp is not for everyone. If your mind is easily blown, if the idea that magic is real frightens you, maybe this is not the right training for you. However, if you’re ready to make real magic and get what you want out of life, join us.

To learn more about Andrieh Vitimus, or obtain Hands-On Chaos (it will be available at boot camp), visit

Six Crows School is located on Little Silver Lake in West Michigan. On-grounds camping with indoor shower and toilets are extended to participants at no charge. If you prefer not to camp, we can accommodate half a dozen participants indoors at $25 per night. The program will be conducted in the Medicine Wheel unless inclement weather forces us indoors. (We’re planning on a lovely late spring weekend.) Details should be available by mid-march on the calendar at the Six Crows website, Registration Deadline is May 22. $100 deposit (balance due on arrival) should be made payable to Six Crows School. Mail to Six Crows School, 3646 Hart Road, Twin Lake, MI. Email or call us with questions. Space is limited so book early. We reserve the right to cancel if minimum enrollment is not met.

Contact Info:
231.740. 7235

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