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Sweet inspiration a bold rendition to see a light that illuminates our souls find it glowing a human being,love that shines from heaven your a person not some labeled item to see good in everything being alive requires effort towards any given purpose,yeah the soul exists it really does it is what keeps our hearts beating a machine mechanism,i give on trusting that friendships exists to the sun i shall pray forever more and say that my life was of purpose not some emotional circus as for those tha cursed me because of vanity then to wish you only what is holy, scientist once asked me what is the difference between eternity and infinity,while sat here today staring at this screen a transparent bodied spider dangled from the ceiling infront of my face i caught it threw him or her outside quite scary so i bothered to create this blog being in shock fear of the original  eternal question why things happen, galleon moon wind light houses shallow places rats in cages  the first humans legend about the primal twins,snow quartz is formed by exposure to natural radiation meaning perpetual light transfigured dimensions, so if the Cherokee theory depicting the creation a mountain being a gateway an immaculate manifestation a vision,cried out into infinity justice a celestial circus screaming infants serpents apple tree parchments,powerful monument dance form prayer,what keeps us alive an energy we all share that through dreams is channeled into our bodies then is held within the calcium crystal bone formations that acts like a recharging battery string theory technology (3+1) dimensions uncertainty principle unitary space angle Information statistical mechanics.

volcanic island origins of humanity life sparks  gyroscopic invention to do with the original lifeforms,to consider Atlantis as one of those islands and over thousands of years how the inhabitants of the earth that were once giants have fragmented into billions fantastic a real human being so very intelligent the universal light is interpreted a the same constant energy bound by mechanisms of thought frequency according to individual species those third eye sciences seeds that sparks a vessel of continuation we are the earth personified living rock formations soft machines the outer covering is a chain that anchors us to restrictive elements,the mystery of decay and atomic fusion degenerating atoms mutations nothing is recognizable all the teachers have ceased to exist given the mass density of this present age,an extinction the earth was once not tilted and rotated much faster mechanical spirit writing do that or the other travel to the horizon and then cross over into the light relative motion spiritual acceleration binary fusion royal twins an illumination a seed of flight a vessel of progression emblems of survival third eye trances sacred dances moon rise chanting forgotten sciences age old mystics upon an atomic level the mortal coil aspect of existing this fabric we cherish technical about what the soul is and that when we dream the soul is actually created as a vessel or bubble this then photo synthesizes regenerating the bio static field yet in our awakened state the soul does not exist while in deep sleep stuck between dimensions in a kind of continual transition natural white,the original English people had golden hair an entire story to tell about a robot fragment  people being an experiment a life form created by the angel race and was the cause of volcanic eruption in Atlantis due to misuse of power friction of atmosphere  is not blood blue until oxygenated dolphins have the same skeleton structure as human yeah either dolphins are the missing link or not time and gravity has changed years ago this planet rotated faster everything was lighter hence how those ancients mananaged to build such monuments

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