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I carried to the river
a sacrificial stone,
"Relieve me of this life,"
I begged,
"And carry my demons asunder."
We sat an hour upon the bench,
cold autumn whispered in
dried leaves beneath my feet,
"Death, death, death and slumber."
I listened in dire melancholy
to the chanting reverie,
imagining a face beneath the waves,
pallid moon gazing
with eyes so languidly serene.

"Not today,"
the sacrificial stone whispered,
"Today, give me wings."

My feet dragged to the bridge
with relentless purpose,
where I stood to ponder
the mermaid's image once again.
This stone had become a part of me,
during our journey to the river's bed,
This stone could be sent before me,
he could cleanse my soul.
Appreciation beheld as this tiny friend
fell with weighty magnitude,
plunging through to the river bed.

I left the river in her raging glory,
feeling oddly whole.

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