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Now I remember why I hate the early morning: fighting against time, sharing the bathroom, and having people pester you about hurrying up! Its hard to practice my daily meditations with all the insanity. Last night I read a wonderful chapter in one of my books on daily spirituality that I wanted to try out this morning but it isn't going so well. My chest feels tight with panic and my stomach is queasy...I just want to sit here and enjoy a cup of tea, but people keep barging into my room to spit orders and information. All I need is a little piece and quiet, a little time to relax so I am set for the morning rush at work which is fifty times worse then the one in my house.

Practice smiling, I tell myself. A soft smile. It invokes internal radiance like a sun spreading through my chest. Write short meditative poems in my head and blessings. Remember to send good will to all who you come in contact today. People will be in a buzzing rush, and they may be rude, but it has nothing to do with you. Be the calm mountain in the maelstrom. Be fully present in everything you do. I find this practice makes time fly by, because time somewhat ceases when you are fully submerged into an activity. I only have to work 6 hours, that isn't so long as I have a calm start to my morning. I will wear my sun pendant with extra strength and enlightenment. Its a great pendant. I realized there's a 7 point star on the back...the star of the Fey, neatly hidden for my person knowledge, which invokes an even greater well as amusement.

I want to try something new in the shop too. Setting up energy boundaries, protective and calming, and seeing if it helps the work environment. If nothing else, it may help other people to slow down and have a moment's peace in the early day. And will hopefully help keep me and my co-workers leveled headed and in control of our stress levels. I'm trying to go in with a positive bright attitude, I really am...but the truth is I am nervous. The last time I worked morning did not go so well for me. But this is a new morning, a different day. I will try some other tactics.

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