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I bought the recently published book "Russian Magic: Living Folk Traditions of an Enchanted Landscape" by Cherry Gilchrist the other night. Fourteen pages in and I already recognize many beliefs that are closely related to Wicca. All this time I thought the Paganism of Russia, of the Slavics was hidden and difficult to reach but now I am learned it is common to others. I believe it has influenced Wicca, instead of the other way around...though I might be wrong about that. In any case I'm finding the book very interesting! They also have a World Tree and place much emphasis on triplicity. I wonder if they influenced the Celts in that regard? Or perhaps the Celts influenced them. Or it is also possible both beliefs emerged separately. I love how they work with stones (something I've done for years with my Native American path). Best of all, I see myself in the Russian people. My grandfather's family on my father's side were Jewish Russians. The immigrated to the United States to escape religious persecution. Russian - according to this author - is a land of myths, living folklore and an affinity toward the metaphysical. Those of Russian heritage embraces these aspects and always seek to learn more. That is very true about me. As I continue to read this book, I will share more thoughts. Most of all, it is simply wonderful to connect with the roots, to honor my ancestors from that land. Hopefully one day I can visit.

Dragons. Second topic. For some reason I find them intimidating, terrifying and...well...prickly! Let me re-word that. People with an Otherkin base in their soul as a Dragon feel this way to me. I'm not sure why. I personally think dragons are kinda cute, majestic and incredible creatures...but I wouldn't want to go near them. I have the immediate instinct of respecting their space and not invading it. I will happily co-exist with them so long as they stay in their realm and I stay in mine. Wouldn't want to go there. Could this have something to do with my Otherkin soul base as a Pixie? I don't know much about the interactions between Dragons and The Fey (broad umbrella term for the various types of little people, or tall people if your a Norse species of Elf). But I wonder if something in their natures just doesn't jive. I welcome any thoughts on this.

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Comment by Strmraven on March 7, 2010 at 8:18pm
In studying Russian/Slavic Traditions you have to pay attention to Pre-Rus and Post-Rus influences. The Rus were Viking Settlers that settled in Russia and influenced the pre-existing culture.

In my research, I have found only superficial similarities to Wicca. If you want more information look into the groups here.
Comment by Pixie Fables on March 7, 2010 at 8:50pm
Thanks to you both! After reading further into the book, I'm realizing what I thought were core similarities are superficial. I noticed they work with Earth, Water, Air and Fire and use the circle so I thought it would prove to be a lot like Wicca. But I was wrong. Thanks for your thoughts!


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