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Blesséd Samhain everyone! Life here has been busy, my family visited me last week and I have more "family" (my soul brother's dad and sister) arriving from California later this evening. I have been busy with school work, clubs, holidays, and family. The past three weeks have been busy and the next three or so weeks will be as well. I had a family "Thanksgiving" two Sundays (almost three weeks) ago, last Wednesday there was a luncheon for my aunt who has cancer that I attended, last Saturday I went out to dinner with my parents and sisters, today is Samhain and today I have "family" arriving from CA, next Wednesday is my soul brother's 21st birthday, then we get into the end of classes and fall finals. School officially ends on the 21st of November, and my birthday is on the 27th which is also a new moon and the official Thanksgiving. So this is what I did recently and will be doing soon, I am just a really busy university student who happens to be a witch.

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