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Send Light to Haiti - Make Use of the VIOLET FIRE whenever you think of it!

Dear Family of Light, I'm sure you have all done something already to help Haiti. Something you can easily do is send the Violet Light of the Seventh Ray to Haiti whenever you think of it.

Moreover, I ask you to join us in sending light to Haiti every day in January at 8:08 pm CET and /or at 8:08 pm local time.

Let us create a WAVE of LIGHT aided by Arcangel Raphael, Michael and Metatron as well as by Jesus Christ ans his Mother Mary. You need not be a lightworker, you need not know how to meditate - just BE aware of the fact the you want to help the people, the animals, and all the beings on Haiti who desperatly need help RIGHT NOW and feel the LOVE for all that is in your heart centre. YOU ARE CONNECTED!

If you like guidelines, however ;-), the following lines may be useful for you:

Start out at 8 o'clock to

Breathe in - and breathe out, Breathe in - and breathe out, Breathe in - and breathe out

Connect to Mother Earth and connect to the Heavens

Breathe in - and breathe out, Breathe in - and breathe out, Breathe in - and breathe out

Feel the LOVE inside of you, FEEL your heart grow

Breathe in LOVE - and Breathe out LOVE

Take 7 breaths and feel your heart grow with every breath until it wraps Mother Earth in the LOVE that you ARE ...

Now connect to all the other people who are doing this meditation right now. Golden Light is pouring down from Heaven to aid us NOW ...

When you feel the connection, send your LOVE and LIGHT to all the beings at Haiti and do so as long as seems fit to you.

Know that YOU make a difference by doing this.
Feel that by sending Love and Light to Haiti your heart essence is being fed by the Divine Light of the Creator.
Know that your Love and Care are the source of MIRACLES.
Feel the connection between you and everything that is.
Feel the LOVE - you are a BELOVED BEING of LIGHT and what you do is GREAT!


"I am only ONE, but I AM ONE.
I cannot do it all, but I will not refuse to do what I can.
and what I can do, by the grace of the Creator, I will do."
- author unknown -

PS: You are most welcome to copy and paste this blog post to inform as many people as possible!

If you are interested in helping to bridge the gaps of light between the continents and races with the help of the Violet Ray, feel welcome at

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