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Last night I was dreaming from my paleocortex, the evolutionary oldest part of the brain. Its what science considers to control the instinctive or habitual behaviors of modern humans. In this dream I was a snake in the jungle climbing through the branches of a tree. Looking down from the branches there was a small river. The ends of the branches were bending down to the river’s edge. A very large double-headed serpent was swimming up the river towards the tree. Upon reaching the point in the river where the branches from my tree almost touched the water, the gargantuan serpent turned to climb onto my tree. Of course, my instinct, like the instinct of any jungle creature would be, is that this huge serpent was going to eat me. So often in life things appear to be bigger than real and we will be consumed by their nature. Maybe it is school, work, family, relationship, money and/or health issues, you get the drift, responsibilities. We all want to survive and not be eaten alive.

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