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So yeah, its finally over! December 4th was Seths birthday, we celebrated by preforming his Wiccanning, he got a few presents and the ceremony went great. I wish the visiting Coven could of attended but it seemed as thought they had some issues. The other child involved did a great job helping call quarters and welcoming the God and Goddess. Everything turned out well (although I kept getting teary eyed when blessing him lol).
We ended it with a very small cake I had made out of the cake scraps from his BIG birthday cake. We put a little candle on top then we all had a sliver of it, then the kiddos got ready for bed.

Deana and I stayed up until about 2am working on the big cake, the next day right before all the guest arrived is when we actually finished it.

Seths birthday party had almost 30 guests, lol... I didn't realize I had invited that many. About 12 kids or so, it was a great turn out, I was surprised how much room we still had, the majority stayed in our living room/kitchen/dining then small groups went to the office and playroom with their kids. Brandon made hanky pankies (which we lovingly called Crabby Patties) and when everything was ready and we had settled down, it was time to watch Seth nomnom on his cake....

Before we sat it in front of him he just kept watching me with it, then when he realized it was coming to him he started bouncing in his seat, then I put it down and he paused and was like.... "fOr Me?!?" he didn't even use his hands for the first few minutes. Then he really got down while I was cutting the pineapple cake for guests.

He got some awesome gifts, tons of clothes (which are sooooo appreciated) and some great art supplies for us to play with. Daddy bought him an EyePet for the PS3, which obviously he has no clue what it is but its awfully fun, I played a little bit last night after everyone left and Seth went to bed.

All in all it was wonderful, so much love filled the house it was great to reconnect with some old friends and get all of our family into one house for such a great celebration. Although I did get made fun of because I sounded so 'corporate' when speaking to everyone. Lol. So then the running joke was for people to call our '1-800' number for comments and complaints teehee.

Pictures will be posted up soon! I have lots on my phone. Also my mom really shocked me by making a really sweet little photo book of Seth in the womb to now (with the exception of that day obviously). She isn't the type to do things like that and it was so special that she made it herself.

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