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Shamanic Journeying With My Raven Life Guide...

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Shamanic Journeying With My Raven Life Guide...

OMG!!!  My visions just unfolding a starseeds memory recall of initiation sequences of the opening of the Temple Gates of Karnak just came rushing into my core..visions of ascended souls all rising to the ceilings then circling like smoke from incense burners..cosmic LOve tantra frequencies rushed to my sacral chakra & burned like glowing coals spiraling then like a serpent up my spine to my crown.. Kundalini in full action ascension to a higher realm..must not forget to breath.. astral ascension in my consciousness just took place..all feelings of weight dropped instantly away I am light as a feather & as I turned I noticed the ash on the floor at my feet, dust seeped between my toes as each footstep left behind a imprint of a huge bird, 3 claws in frount & one behind,why I dont know?....

Bundles of robes are laid on top of each other Red ones seem to be the ones standing out between the others of the dusty dirt beads on strings of leather with silver between them just left as if bodies have stepped out of them dropped on the dirt floor in frount of me..slowly I'm tip toeing between them toe then heel at a time...prisms of light filtering through heavy carved & inlaid wooden windows sending shadows dancing & flickering & small also wind tunnels of dust move around with each step I'm taking..chanting sounds in the distance those of woman whaling, like those from the Elders or Kaumātua woman heard at their Tangi [maori funerals]..they are echoing & bouncing off the stone walls around me. 

In one corner of this stone room is a tall deep green glass like translucent pillar its glowing & emanating writing all around it, projecting it in light upon the floor, but there is also something deeper & more disturbing beneath its surface, it marks state its a record of a return of a threat that we should never have taken steps back from..a iconoclast & final dissolution of a evil Pharaoh, I do know his name its Pharoah Ramesses II..the craziest & most power mad & yet successful Pharoah there was..he ruled for two whole generations and had a hundred kids! The guy was a lunatic actually, & a total war the light energy of this pillar is moving further towards me as recognition to me of speaking this information out loud...

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Standing perfectly still in the room,I breath deeply then exhale.... huge stone walls appear to be closing in as the room tends to look as if its getting smaller, dust floats in the air on the suns light prisms...this room is like a machine of some kind its as if its alive,breathing almost..I look at my hands I'm black skinned, my feet appear to be not human they are that of a bird?...a hallucination from gas of some kind? IDK..its how my head feels & what I'm seeing.. I keep walking forward to the far wall doorway..into another room also made of stone, a huge stone tank like coffin in the middle, walls plastered in bright coloured pictures of woman in robes waving palm fans...I hear voices but cant make out whats being spoken its not English sounds Egyptian or should I say Arabic sounding so I presume its Egyptian? the words spoken that I can only make out were - 

'form your visions, then forge your own keys'...

I see woman laying on simple wooden couches,drinking from fancy pottery goblets of wine poured from earthen jars by others..possibly a harem maybe?..a hand grabs mine suddenly from behind the stone wall I'm standing and opens my palm one finger at a time,then I see it placing 8 pea sized black seeds in my palm, closing my fingers back around them,its mine to take as a form of talisman from another time span..I walk into the room to see who has handed me these black seeds as I do another hand forces my hand to my face forcing the seeds into my mouth..I get this dizzy feeling and my tongue goes numb.,my body feels like its paralyzed I cant move. I think I've just been drugged,and it appears like some form of hallucinogenic possibly blue Egyptian lotus seeds.

I'm transforming, I look at my body and its human but when I look in the mirror glass of the pot beside me I have a head of a huge bird with a long weird..

My etherical eosteric spouse in whose presence I lived as a soul object of all my desires who know'st what a flame I conceive and canst easily double its flame how pleasant is all that I meet from fear of adversity free, flowing words just fall from my lips in this delusional state yet I not know what they mean..

I'm in dismay however as all I see I can not believe is real..this realm is strange to me yet familiar all at the same time.. a feeling of dread thus sweeps over me and a notion I have to sacrifice complete freedom for the sake of morality...

A image of a huge shining metal silver Ankh appears in frount of me and I see my fingers reaching to touch it, it's heating up like a flame yet just out of my reach to burn my skin I still feel its warmth it makes me dizzy.

Suddenly I feel my body falling apart again its transforming once more, now I see myself in white robes with funny leather shoes with turned up toes..there are others around me all dressed in the same clothing,we all look like ghosts draped in white cloth...

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I'm told in my head now that I had two periods within concept of human time in this realm, one was a fluid state, the other a world of fixed matter, I was taken to Lemuria by my soul guardians and the council had seven governing ruling bodies, seven geometries of the Council you know of as the vibrational state of home as in the home, earth, nature, the people,coming from Love, Joy, Freedom, Beauty, Awareness, Innocence and Non-Sense, every human was part of this council and all decided the way to divide this council, the first group Beauty the concept of beauty... was one of the most important concepts in the whole of the Lemurian Society, and the one which I'm focusing on in my following words of knowing, because beauty was the end result of creation, with the thought of something not going to turn out beautiful then it is not worth creating & anything that is not beautiful is then not believed in at the beginning of a creation.

Therefor if you do not believe in your own creations then it cannot turn out beautiful it is the way you perceive it the way the creators create the beauty or the leniality, this would mean then that leniality and beauty are opposites, beauty cannot exist in leniate time as beauty is a state of perfection that does not have a beginning a middle or an end,beauty then would be similar to the concept of infinity, beauty can only be created on a akeneic level, why because ones beauty once created runs back and forth through the time line,it has always been there after it has been created and even before it has been created.

This would mean that...lets say an artist who created something that is beautiful actually makes it so that the thing that is created at one given point in time is a concept in the past even before it was created then people can touch this and it is hanging in the air before it is shown into reality, you see that is why art is just that a work of art, because when you see it you immediately recognise it before it was already created and we all create this beauty this state of consciousness this wholeness.The geometry of any creation that looks for beauty is based on seven,what does this mean? Very simple add it to the concept of seven,there is always the eighth and the eighth is the creator souls lineage code,& the observer in itself, the seven parts of what is said here exist within the heart of the creator souls and these seven parts are the groups mentioned before they are the basis of consciousness for the creation,therefor find these seven things in life and you will always create infinity, the conceptional paradigm is quite simply a paradigm of awareness and works with the seven principles that made up the Lemurian Council...

These concepts then brake into magnetic's,and this concept is felt on earth as Love, to allow all seven principles you must let them flow out from you,and remember that you are always the eight, the mistake many people make is thinking that there is only one Creator of all e.g GOD and this GOD is the only one who creates anything & everything, this is incorrect human indoctrination, human thought form as action lies in the end result and is not the creation of one anything Raven said to me,its all part of the whole equation of all creating souls as they are their own god nothing is above the soul itself..

My eye lids feel heavy I feel separate from this body yet with it all at the same,my head feels over loaded,where did all this information come from cos I am but observing whatever comes, instead of actively creating the different aspects of the journey. The essence of journeying is normally to decide what you need, what you want, or what you are seeking; to state your intention and then visit the appropriate world, yet I did not choose this journey however as my Raven life guide took me there himself..yet the possibilities are practically endless, am I endless and unloading perfect knowledge of matters beyond any ones sense human perception?.. maybe so, yet it simply is, so its simply told & simply expressed outward..

©2018 Ꮙℓἇ∂ἇ ♏؟ḱἇḧᖾ ێƈĥŏŏῆ  

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