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Yesterday (Saturday, 22 June 2013) disaster struck - the green glass chalice which belonged to Dion Fortune and which is part of the Helios Window Display in the Cat & Cauldron shop in Glastonbury was unintentionally sold by a temporary assistant who did not recognise that the chalice was the one taken from the Helios window display.

The details are complicated but suffice to say that the person who bought the chalice had to go to some lengths to remove it from the window display and to choose a time when neither of the owners of the Cat & Cauldron were present who would have recognised what it was. The bottom line is that it is no longer in our possession and it was removed without our permission.

If anyone has any information that leads to the chalice's recovery we will pay a reward. We are also doing magical work to assist in the chalice's return but practical help would be much appreciated.

Finally I'd like to say that the chalice's disappearance was not the fault of Liz & Trevor who have always supported Helios and are as distraught as we are at the chalice's disappearance.

Thanks - Andy

It was a classic 1920's/1930's pressed green glass chalice - not particularly valuable from a financial perspective... but it's magical value is important. It was in the possession of Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki and she gave it to Dean Powell at the same time she gave me the brass plate of "Helios" the Greek God, which also belonged to Dion Fortune. Thanks again for your help.

This is the green glass chalice that was erroneously sold out of the shop in Glastonbury.

Please put out your esoteric feelers for it, and help it return back home. As has been stated in the OPs on this - it was not stolen per se, but purchased -= at at time when the shop owners were away =- but it was a deliberate action on the part of the "purchaser" as they had to remove it from the display shown.

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