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Although it’s certainly not necessary, some covens like to have a special “coven oil” for various uses in ritual.  A working partner and I first created a signature oil blend for our home coven about 6 years ago as a Yule gift for the coven.  We created the blend by selecting an essential oil to represent each of our members and then rounded out the recipe by selecting oils to represent each of the elements and the unique properties of our coven.  After blending these with good quality carrier oil in quantities that we agreed upon by trial and error, we filled one large bottle for coven use and one small bottle for each member to take home for personal use.


What uses might such an oil have?  Well, our members enjoyed having a quick way to feel connected to the group when they felt stressed and needed a little energetic boost, so they would get out their little bottle of oil at home and anoint themselves with it.  In our group rituals, we would sometimes use the oil for general blessing and candle dressing.  We came to respond to the scent with feelings of serenity and cohesion, bringing us into quick alignment with ritual headspace.


Our method of creating our blend was to cast sacred space in my kitchen and experiment with adding drops of essentials to our carrier while taking careful notes in pencil for easy correction of amounts.  Then we bottled the oil and empowered it with raised energy through chant.  The next time we met for ritual with our coven, we passed a basket with the bottles of oil around and asked each member to bless the bottles with their own energy before distributing the bottles for use.  

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