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Last night around sunset, while out strolling near the woods, I found a dead black vulture. It was a gray day outside, typical of the Fall season here in Texas. A few light sprinkles and nice cool temperatures. I guess it was a good day to die for the vulture.

While dreaming last night, I was playing billiards. What was unusual about this billiard game, is that the balls were all shaped like skulls. It reminded me of the Ancient Maya myths when they played the ballgame using people’s heads.

Two of the skulls were familiar to me. When I finished the game, I wanted to take the skulls I recognized with me. They were fresh skulls. They still had some flesh and blood. The kind of skulls a person could really connect with. Halloween is around the corner and my neighborhood is full of skull decorations right now.

This morning, while going about my daily routine, my cat became anxious. He started stirring and staring towards the ceiling. Soon, the racket began, loud noises on the roof. I went outside to peek and found three vultures trying to tear apart my roof. The Ancient Maya considered vultures to be messengers of the gods.

I love this time of year, Halloween, Day of the Dead, Samhain.


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