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Snakes and trees have a special relationship. The snake and tree permeate ancient mythology. Even the Bible has mythology about the snake in the tree tempting Eve to eat the fruit. I know how Eve feels, I’ve had snakes in my dreams tempting me to eat the fruit from their trees. Snakes and trees have a close connection to people. Our DNAs are all twisted and entwined, spiraling into a fabric of space and time. There is a small lake/pond not far from where I live. When I journey over that way, I watch the water snakes drop from the trees to catch their prey. Snake is the spirit of ayahuasca. The ayahuasca puts you in touch with your paleocortex, where snake resides in all of us. Dreams can also put you in touch with your paleocortex.

Last night I was dreaming from my paleocortex again. I dreamt that I planted an apple tree in the desert. The sands of the desert were full of snakes and other creatures that hid just under the sand. When I went back to check on the apple tree I had planted, two large snake heads had formed on the trunk of the tree like well designed burls. This was very interesting and I wanted to share the experience with others. Unfortunately, my family that thinks I am nuts, was not interested in seeing the design on the tree. They shy away from my curiosities.

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Comment by Meridian - The Idaean on June 9, 2018 at 4:01pm

Interesting. The garden of Hespeides had a dragon in a tree to guard the goldern apples of immortality, as well as the huluppu tree of Inana having a snake in the tree. A very ancient mythos you seem very connected to.

Comment by Enigma on June 11, 2018 at 3:10pm

Thanks for the info Meridian.

Who, I could use a staff.


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