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So... as some of you know a large portion of the US is under going sever weather warnings for an impending ice storm. Missouri's Governor Nixon called a state of emergency upon Missouri in anticipation of this storm.
My husband in on the river, they will shut down work once it gets too bad. So for the most part I know he is safe, they have plenty of fuel and docking points that they can get to for assistance. Those tug boats are strong and have a lot of oomph although they don't look like it at times.

I'm considered with the country dwelling folk like myself. A lot of people who live in the country are better prepared then I am, mostly because they have lived in the country longer. I just moved out here so this storm (if its as bad as they say) will test my 'survival' abilities.

I just finished making a huge amount of easily reheat-able foods that I can reheat on my campfire stove. I bought extra fuel for said stove as well as Sterno cans for other cooking and heat sources. I bought oil lamps and a few extra flashlights and batteries. I have emergency candles and normal candles as well. Canned food, bottled water, extra warm clothes for my son (I can pile on daddies clothes he left here) and I have a pretty good "Oh Shit" plan in the event that we loose electricity and or water pipes are in danger.

But I do have a few questions. One what can I make as a heat source out of possible materials I have now?

What have you done to prepare for the ice storm... or snowmagedon 2011? What do you suggest I do in addition to what I have prepared and readied?

Do you think its being blown out of proportion?

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Comment by Kadactyl on January 31, 2011 at 9:00pm

Try some egg carton fire starters! This page from the same blog has some great ideas too!


The storms don't seem to get too bad here. Plus I'm in town so help isn't that far for me. I haven't really done any extra prep because I already have a good sized amount of firewood and non-perishable foods. Because I have a woodstove, if we do lose power then I can still cook on it.


The reheat-able food is an excellent plan. If you do lose power and heat I recommend setting up 1 room to live in. Line the windows and doors with any extra blankets and zip together some sleeping bags.


Good luck!

Comment by Toadster on January 31, 2011 at 9:27pm

Iheat with wood..I live in southern Ontario so right now we are sitting and waiting..I have a feeling we will loose hydro..I have been getting out the candles..We cook on the wood stove if it's out for a few days..


                                 Good luck to you..


                                         My thoughts will be with you................. TOAD

Comment by thesacredkitchen on February 1, 2011 at 10:17am
Thank you so much for the link to Adventures in Self Reliance... very good information. Unfortunate I still haven't had too much luck on homemade indoor heat sources. But I shall continue to search until our power is cut :P

Oo and I am making some of those egg carton fire starters.... safe then sorry, my sister thinks im crazy!


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