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Well I was referred here by a friend as I'm looking to network with more pagans. I'm very open and can be eccentric. I do make my own candles and oils, I don't mind working most types of work as in nature there is dark and light that being said i have researched and continue on most types of varrious religions and spiritual paths not limited to Wicca, blood magic, draconic magic, hoodoo, voodoo, conjure, witchcraft, etc. I love astrology, herbs, tarot, crystals, and of course books. So craft wise I am very open for the most part. As for personal I'm divorced and have my 3 kids, they are 11,7,9. So most days I can be busy I do have Twitter and Facebook. Um not sure if there's more to really know without getting to know people.

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Comment by Tobeimean Peter on June 30, 2018 at 5:09pm

You seem quite knowledgeable. I like many of the magical areas you've mentioned, I admit I haven't worked blood magic but it's cool. Maybe we can work up some mischief together...


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