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So Pissed I'm bound to do something evil....

This has been a long standing issue... my neighbor, Travis.


At first I was mildly attracted to him, I'll admit, I was lonely and in a new place, I had a moment of weakness. Now I hope he falls of a ladder at work, I cast a thousand curses on him if not more.


First off, he plays his drums (badly mind you) whenever he feels the urge, I have a 1 1/2 year old son who takes naps and sleeps at night.... he wakes up just about every time Douche Bag McGee plays.


He has bit bull named Jr. he is a nice dog but hyper and destructive. Travis lets him out randomly to roam the lake, many neighbors are to the point where they are shooting the dog with BB guns to get him off of their property. No one wants to be that neighbor that sends the dog to the pound... I'm to that point though. Not only is his dog constantly in my yard but his roommate has a dog now... and his friend brings his dog over as well. Today three of his dogs where lounging on my back porch.. which is now covered in their shit. My dog is too afraid to even go outside now... awesome.


He and his friends continually make themselves at home on our dock. They have now broken two pieces of wood from the walkway, there are cigarette buts in my yard, where my son likes to crawl around and act silly.


He stole our small stack of firewood months ago and hasn't replaced it but said we could take his.... well we haven't needed any so we haven't taken any.


I have asked him MULTIPLE times to ask before coming over, before using our property and before taking anything of ours... he said he understood. Obviously he hasn't since he continues to do it. We now have signs on our property which he and his group ignore over and over again.


If he falls into the lake from our dock he can sue us even though we have repeatedly told him not go on it. We would be at fault. I have contacted the neighborhood president and I am awaiting their call.... I hope its soon. I called the pound and they said to take pictures of the animals on our porch and property.


I tried Hot Foot powder and it worked but not very well. I actually didn't see him or any life at the house for almost a week even though I could hear them once in a while. I need something HEAVY DUTY.


I'm also a bit pissed off because I asked for assistance of a coven sister and she said that she didn't want to do anything unless they knew about it..... WTF really? Okay then next time you need some extra energy don't come to me.


I'm so fucking mad right now I am starting to freak out on everyone! I feel like if I don't get this issue taken care of soon, I might do something horrible... like actually kill him (Im joking I wouldn't actually kill him.... or would I?)


So ladies and gents.... give me some of your most powerful spells! Help me get this parasite out of here because I can promise you I'm not the only one that wants him gone.

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Comment by Lady Angelfire on June 16, 2011 at 4:13pm

Try this banishing spell to keep him away.


dried bay leaves
black pepper
Slippery Elm Bark
Cassia bark
Rock salt
dried hydrangea blossoms
mortar and pestle

Take all the ingredients and grind them together into a fine powder.  Charge the powder with your intent to banish your target, and feel the energy move through your arms into powder.

pour the powder into a bowl that you have cleansed and let it sit in the window for five days. After those five days bury the powder away from your property and cleanse the bowl again. 

Comment by Lady Angelfire on June 16, 2011 at 4:16pm

Also I have done one of these spells before too and they have worked.. try one of these... the one for banishing a troublesome person might help:

Comment by Starrfire Price on June 16, 2011 at 4:28pm

I would say to take legal steps to remedy this. You can easily get a tresspass warrant against him. It may sound harsh but a law enforcement officer standing in someones door serving them papers tends to get the point across thus legally ceasing him from entering your property.

Also, take pictures of everything (his dogs in your yard, them on your property etc.) so, you have additional proof of the situation. You can even if you wish to make it more worrisome for him, google fake outside camera set ups and put one up. They're not real camera systems but they certainly look exactly like them. It will make him think that you can prove he's been on your property to reinforce and prove his tresspass, which could thus land him in jail.

I am a spellcaster but personally, I only utilize spellwork when normal channels cannot resolve it.

Comment by thesacredkitchen on June 16, 2011 at 4:50pm
Thanks ladies, ill be putting both tacits to work, I've already started calling the right people to get this remedied but a bit of spellwork to add to the legal work always helps. Thanks for the spells!
Comment by robert wolf of the winds on June 16, 2011 at 7:32pm
I agree with Starrfire, I also have questions, Is he a home owner or does he rent. The reason I ask is that his behavior is indicative of a renter. If he is a renter contact the owner/landlord and express your displeasure there too.  Also you mentioned he and his cohorts have damaged your dock. I myself would confront him face to face on this and explain that I would be repairing the dock and I would send him the bill for the materials. As for the dogs a simple shot of pepper spray will work very efficienty, and after being sprayed once or twice they usually won't make it a habit to come around also it is a non lethal form of defense.  (I already see the wheels turning, and  *snickers* yes it will work on humans too.)I wish you the best of luck in this.
Comment by danny buyck on June 16, 2011 at 10:49pm

Just called animal control would of helped. To me thats pack and they can get dangerous.


Comment by thesacredkitchen on June 17, 2011 at 10:53am

Thanks guys. I have everything in place and have talked to the Home Ownership Association for my community. They are sending him a letter and give me the full go ahead to do whatever I feel needs to be done.

I wanted to make sure the rules didn't somehow allow him to do this so I called the Association and got advice and opinions from the President and Secretary. It feels good to be able to call bullshit on him and have so many people backing me up.

I also called the pound to learn about their policies on picking up dogs, I don't want the dog to be destroyed or anything so I wanted to know which shelter the dogs go to if the owners don't claim him.

I also sent him a voicemail with the last warning (not that he did anything between the blow up and the last voicemail) stating that I was prepared to take the matters to the cops like I previously mentioned.


I'll also be preparing another dose of Hot Foot and maybe a GrisGris just to add a little extra....


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