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So Wow the house is on Fire. I mean demons and PANS in and OUT ALL hours of the night!

So anyway I think where I left off is that the DWAYNe creature- to refresh, he thinks /says he was sent from hell to show me (Elisabeth satans daughter) that I cant posses people and have fun with it likehe can. For those of you reading with intelligence yes it is that bluntly stupid. I don't possess people that I love care about like or know well because I believe that makes me inferior.

Anyhoo so the thing has deteriorated ot one of its juvenile stages it says that ( we sleep in bed next to each other every night) it will continue to sleep in my boyfriend while peeping into my body untikl I leave my boyfriend because Its spiteful, to make a long story short :( My living and dead friends have visited it SEVERAL times to let it know that we really don't hate it and we realize it was tricke dinto it by some dirtly old pan that probably doesn't give a shit anymore. I mean its somewhat tries - to its capablilites which are really small as far as mind reading -  it tries to like make me laugh.  But unfortunately for It and fortunately for me ( beaucse I like to get on to serious demonic activity)_ there are things my boyfriend and I are suppose to be learning and doing together in a serious way and I need for it to move on to another lover or host .

Basically I believe it needs one or more of the following to occupy its time:

A gay man and his lover- sometimes I am sure he/she is trying to have conversations with us about this topic and although we are tolerant we really aren't into it. Perhaps you can help?

A small shop owner- possibly Arabic or similar. I think he really enjoys sometimes hanging out in like hookah shops etc where he can have small polite conversations and still feel like a pivotal point in our lifeor SHCEME as he calls it

A grandmother type- A lady with no husband  or grandkids looking for attention and who has a lot of free daytime activites for him would really make him a happy camper!

Please if you can help with Dwayne please do! He is really stuck karmic lee with me at this time but I wish him no harm 

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