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There are some things about social networking that drive me just a wee bit crazy....more so disheartened or frustrated than actually "Crazy"!!!

For example:

It always amuses me when folks join groups and chats - and then they are not able to hold a dialogue..

. I find that there are always common threads!

The start of the chat:

** > Hi - MM - Merry Meet...

One responds - in my case I tend to use a smiley or simple Hi back...

The next question is almost always the same

** > - M/F???

In my case I answer - "The image is clear indication as to my Gender", and may add as a sense of humour..." although I tend to be more 'Spirit'ual"

.... (In my head I am saying WHY DOES IT MATTER?? YOU approached me!)

Then there is that Loooooong echo of silence - the 'Mind Game'.....or often than not the distraction of other chats all being handled at the same time......and then there is clarification.

** > Male/Female??

(like I did not have enough intelligence to understand what a simple M/F??? stood for!)

** > At that point I will often respond - 'Hmmmm curious - the gender seems more important than the conversation - I already answered'

Now the defense tactic raises its ugly head

** >> *Sigh* Why is a simple question so difficult to answer...?

Often than not I will ignore this form of emotional 'Guilt' - and will like any sane person have checked the Profile of the corresponding persona as much as that person would have taken time to see WHO they had initiated a Chat with!!!

More than often or not - I will share some interesting observation, or a snippets of conversational (more geared to the nature of the Beast before me) so as to stimulate the purpose of the 'CHAT'...

Seems that at this point - based on the lack of my determined Gender - I am marked of as 'Crazy' or 'High'....neither of which is any where close to the Truth!!!

On the other side of the Veil - the persona that FIRST initiated the call into my world - will turn Techno or spout of a whole load of latest Games....just to see where my head may fall.

So lets share this now...
-- YOU may enjoy Dungeons and Dragons, but I don't want to play it with you at this stage in my life. I'm not networking here to see your 'magic castle', become your squire, or fight your mob war.

...and WHAT has any of that to do with the Spiritual, witchy, Pagan, traditional foundation??? other than it parallels the imagination as a Techno version..
Go Play in the sites THAT have your interests deeply set in motion - that world is NOT mine.....Just sayin'

If that does not work then it becomes a mundane course of : The weather, the fights in the house etc or a dialogue of somewhat limited experiences that needs to be unraveled in order to understand the purpose - which equally kills the conversation...

In the end despite the clumsy activities with regards to Internet communication - I am of the opinion that it is better to be connected using social media, recognizing the limitations, than to be disconnected.

I would love to hear from you and share the Magicke, so let's do a little social Cosmic networking here....

Deities of the Internet

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Comment by Enigma on July 10, 2018 at 9:40pm

I’ve been playing with social media for many years. Gone through various stages on the full gamut of sites going back to the early 1990’s. It has been enjoyable, educational, frustrating, maddening, eerie, weird, light, dark, …basically anything you can imagine, because so much is left up to the imagination.

On this forum alone, I’ve had so many different handles and avatars I can’t recall them all.

It’s a strange World we live in, and in both the cyber world and real World, truth is stranger than fiction. Last night I was watching “Weird Wonders of the World” on Netflix. In this episode they showed a young lady who had an evil twin growing in her head, literally. It was a tumor that contained teeth, bones, and hair. They believe it formed in her mother’s womb and never became the twin sibling it was meant to be. It caused the young lady headaches and disorientation. It was eventually surgically removed. I think I have an evil twin in the cyber world that causes me headaches and disorientation. lol

Comment by Light on July 10, 2018 at 10:23pm

Hahaha - can fully appreciate that...


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