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There are some things about social networking that drive me just a wee bit crazy....more so disheartened or frustrated than actually "Crazy"!!!

For example:

It always amuses me when folks join groups and chats - and then they are not able to hold a dialogue..

. I find that there are always common threads!

The start of the chat:

** > Hi - MM - Merry Meet...

One responds - in my case I tend to use a smiley or simple Hi back...

The next question is almost always the same

** > - M/F???

In my case I answer - "The image is clear indication as to my Gender", and may add as a sense of humour..." although I tend to be more 'Spirit'ual"

.... (In my head I am saying WHY DOES IT MATTER?? YOU approached me!)

Then there is that Loooooong echo of silence - the 'Mind Game'.....or often than not the distraction of other chats all being handled at the same time......and then there is clarification.

** > Male/Female??

(like I did not have enough intelligence to understand what a simple M/F??? stood for!)

** > At that point I will often respond - 'Hmmmm curious - the gender seems more important than the conversation - I already answered'

Now the defense tactic raises its ugly head

** >> *Sigh* Why is a simple question so difficult to answer...?

Often than not I will ignore this form of emotional 'Guilt' - and will like any sane person have checked the Profile of the corresponding persona as much as that person would have taken time to see WHO they had initiated a Chat with!!!

More than often or not - I will share some interesting observation, or a snippets of conversational (more geared to the nature of the Beast before me) so as to stimulate the purpose of the 'CHAT'...

Seems that at this point - based on the lack of my determined Gender - I am marked of as 'Crazy' or 'High'....neither of which is any where close to the Truth!!!

On the other side of the Veil - the persona that FIRST initiated the call into my world - will turn Techno or spout of a whole load of latest Games....just to see where my head may fall.

So lets share this now...
-- YOU may enjoy Dungeons and Dragons, but I don't want to play it with you at this stage in my life. I'm not networking here to see your 'magic castle', become your squire, or fight your mob war.

...and WHAT has any of that to do with the Spiritual, witchy, Pagan, traditional foundation??? other than it parallels the imagination as a Techno version..
Go Play in the sites THAT have your interests deeply set in motion - that world is NOT mine.....Just sayin'

If that does not work then it becomes a mundane course of : The weather, the fights in the house etc or a dialogue of somewhat limited experiences that needs to be unraveled in order to understand the purpose - which equally kills the conversation...

In the end despite the clumsy activities with regards to Internet communication - I am of the opinion that it is better to be connected using social media, recognizing the limitations, than to be disconnected.

I would love to hear from you and share the Magicke, so let's do a little social Cosmic networking here....

Deities of the Internet

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Comment by Enigma on July 10, 2018 at 9:40pm

I’ve been playing with social media for many years. Gone through various stages on the full gamut of sites going back to the early 1990’s. It has been enjoyable, educational, frustrating, maddening, eerie, weird, light, dark, …basically anything you can imagine, because so much is left up to the imagination.

On this forum alone, I’ve had so many different handles and avatars I can’t recall them all.

It’s a strange World we live in, and in both the cyber world and real World, truth is stranger than fiction. Last night I was watching “Weird Wonders of the World” on Netflix. In this episode they showed a young lady who had an evil twin growing in her head, literally. It was a tumor that contained teeth, bones, and hair. They believe it formed in her mother’s womb and never became the twin sibling it was meant to be. It caused the young lady headaches and disorientation. It was eventually surgically removed. I think I have an evil twin in the cyber world that causes me headaches and disorientation. lol

Comment by Light on July 10, 2018 at 10:23pm

Hahaha - can fully appreciate that...

Comment by Ꮙℓἇ∂ἇ ኔጡ። on August 8, 2018 at 10:57pm

Well least someone else has similar situations on social media, I've come to the conclusion its all because of the self-esteem police & the me,me,me generation.. I even wrote a blog on it years back,here's a portion of it..LOL..

Why is it we Ask Questions We Dont Want the Answer To.

The worst example of this today is?

"Hi how are you today"

The person who is asked this question may as well give up and say 'fine' off the bat because chances are that's the only answer the asker is willing to hear. Dont believe me?
Try answering 'terrible' Watch in amazement as the asker airily replies 'good' to hear as they sashay away.
Some people believe simply asking is being polite. You can thank the Self Esteem Police for those people I'm sorry,but putting forth the less amount of effort does'nt win you any courtesy in my book. Taking a second out of your day to slow down and actually show interest in the answer is far more polite. Asking a question merely because you want recognition for your condescending of psuedo caring, is actually pretty rude.
In a similar vein, are the people who ask a question only because they want for you to ask, them a question.

For example:

Person A - 'What did you do this weekend"?

Person B  "Well,I went to a movie and then I -

Person A - suddenly interrupting & not listening  'Guess what I did this weekend'

In closing if you dont care, dont ask. Keep your shallow displays of insubstantial tenderness to yourself.

I learned a long time ago that many of my acquaintances/ friends never actually wanted my advice when they asked for it, instead they wanted me to validate what stupid conclusion they already had came to in their own heads. I was merely a puppet meant to smile to them trying to convince me that they were making the correct decision!

An Example:

Friend: "Tell me the truth Vlada,do you think my boyfriend will ever leave his wife for me?

VLADA: I dont know?

Friend: "But I can tell he loves me by the look in his eyes! And he wrote me a poem"

VLADA: "That may be so but he's still going home to another woman at night"

Friend: "Read this poem Vlada" Seriously how can you read this poem and not think he loves me?"

VLADA: The poem is nice [not really my taste] but its a poor substitute for real Love and dedication.

Friend: "Are you saying I should stop seeing him"?

VLADA: "Yes that's exactly what I'm saying"

Friend: "But he loves me,Don't you understand that he loves me? I mean,just yesterday!

Oh blah.. see what I mean..

See its an exercise in frugality actually,...cos reality is my choices are to pretend to be convinced and tell her that her relationship has a chance or to maintain my opinion and risk wearing the big mean Tag.

To Much Conversing on the Internet! Has Diminished Our Ability to Recognise Social Cues.

I spent one afternoon with a good mate walking around the shops,she was yabbering about something ridiculous and of no interest to me,but no matter how many times I tried to change the subject she kept referring back to our original conversation. Finally I gave up and for two solid hours my only reply to her was Mmm-Hm! ugha..hmmm..

SHE DIDN'T EVEN NOTICE ...She happily wombled on for two hours straight absolutely oblivious to the fact that I had quit listening to her I was just amazed...

Frankly I blame the Internet Online... Its hard to determine whether or not you're boring the person you're talking to. You dont see them looking around or staring off into space,or sighing distractedly. A few well placed 'Lols' or 'Hehehes' can fool you into believing they are actually engaged in the conversation... So its really no surprise to me that so many people lack the ability to recognise when theyr'e boring someone when they attempt a real life dialogue.

This explains why people can actually maintain completely one-sided conversations that last for hours strictly about their friggin,animals,movies on HBO,video games,jobs, the pretty pink rose bush they planted yesterday,or what coloured eyeshadow they put on or undies they are wearing or even to the point of what cloths powder they put in their damn washing machine even etc etc..

In reality it takes two people to have a meaningful,deeper enjoyable flowing back n forth conversation. How can we expect to connect to people on a deeper level if we consistently fail to engage our conversational partners?
Right now,there are people probably reading this and thinking or saying  'Oh come on Vlada but a true friend will want to talk to me about anything I want to talk about' They would not be bored by anything I had to say no matter what it was"

You can thank the Self Esteem Police for that ideology

We quit listening and instead began waiting for our turn to speak...

Have you ever been talking to someone when it finally hit you that the other person wasn't really processing a single thing you were saying,but merely waiting for your lips to stop moving, or fingers to stop typing,just so they can say all the things bouncing around in their head? even if it has nothing to do with what you've both been talking about..

Welcome to a kindergarten mentality applied to adult conversations! You go! Now I'll go,...yes its your turn! ....Now my turn! .....Look at us! ....Were sharing! ....Weeeeeee!

A vital part of communication is to listen to and process what the other person is saying. You're response should play off the statements of your counterpart...even keeping on topic... Otherwise you might as well be talking to yourself!

The only kindergarten doctrine that should apply to adult conversations is The Golden Rule,namely if you want other people to listen to you, you should be willing to listen to them. Quit talking AT people and start talking TO or WITH people!...there is a difference by the way..

The issue isnt the amount of people in our lives though,the issue is that society as a whole has lost the ability to meaningfully connect with other people,on any deeper note other than that silent acknowledgement in the street with a raised eye brow,lift of the head 'bro' flick or a head nod,no words other words the 'Me,me,me Generation' has ruined modern conversations to the point where we cannot form anything but the most superficial of relationships with the people we'd like to be closest to.

How did this happen? ....well I'm glad you asked!

 The Self Esteem Police Produced Self Obsessed Adults.

The very day we became obsessed with the self esteem of our children is the first day shit started going downward. We told our children they were unique and special and perfect, We insisted that the world would one day find them beautiful and smart. We told them individuality was their greatest asset and refused to criticise them even when it was solely needed.
The end result? A generation of children/adults who are endlessly fascinated with themselves who cant for the life of them understand why the rest of the world isnt as enamored by their uniquely genius minds or looks as they are,welcome to the selfie era!! get your phones out photo bombardment era!...Look at me,look at me everyone ..really its JUST CHILDISH PUKE TIME FOLKS!
Teenagers & Adults are both guilty & are now becoming narcissistic bungholes [oops least I'm not swearing] who genuinely believe the world should revolve around them.
Await the words of brilliance of normality in the coming days, I'm sure I will hopefully take the blinkers of some peoples eyes and ears in some way with these truths!

You gotta have a sense of humor around me life isnt always meant to be so damn serious all the time..

Comment by Light on August 9, 2018 at 10:52pm
I am very active with my Spiritual world - work closely with an Occult author in regards to the research etc...
I know I can be very deep in my understandings - there is a lot happening - and Group sharing helps to pull what is active at any one time into a common understanding etc.
Comment by Ꮙℓἇ∂ἇ ኔጡ። on August 10, 2018 at 2:19am

[I am very active with my Spiritual world - work closely with an Occult author in regards to the research etc...]

And what exactly does that response have to do with what I said above in my comment..does it play off anything on the topic or is it only all about you and what you are doing??...

This is why people get confused in conversations online.. the acknowledgement of what one says is important before you answer each other.. I notice Enigma above on all these discussions when he talks to people in the forums, he actually places the separate information in brackets the words they have said to him,this is in acknowledgement of hearing them,this is a good thing,as it lets the other person also see exactly how their words fit into the convo,if they make sense which your words didn't,nor were my words acknowledged...unless you care to explain what you actually meant by your feel free, cos I have no idea..


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