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Some pagan supplies for fall/winter.

It is rainy cold outside so I am indoors busy preparing some pagan supplies for this fall/winter. Put my recently harvested dried herbs into small glass jars. Hand-made little labels for the jars. Used some glitter glues to surround the labels in the matching element color. Some sunshine ripened herbal infused vinegars in what used to be hot sauce bottles tall and narrow and holds approx 1 cup/250 ml.Roses/clove and Citrus infused vinegars.

Some herbal infused spell papers cut into different sizes and fold into the same paper like an envelope for keeping it together I use one of my hand hammered wirework copper paperclips for this as a small paper bundle. Sorting some diy tinctures from previous years. Sorting through incenses see what I have and what needs to be replenished.In a very small bookcase I keep the seasons supplies, yesterday I gave the cabinet a soapy warm water wash and dried it, added a small dab of clove bud e.o. in a corner, and now all the cold seasons supplies get a place and some newly made herb blends I put there also.

Tomorrow on sunday I will do some hand sewing a few mini sized quilt fabric bags to hold small items and I look up some leftovers gem beads stones and chips and elements colors glass beads to add to various jars attached with some thin wire.My beads cabinet is in need of some serious sorting out. I am using leftovers beads to embellish paperclips, embellish bottles and jars. Many years ago I made a pencil thin wand encrusted in seedbeads which is sparkly is an ornament. I am thinking of maybe making some small items in polymer clay or self hardening clay.I always have things on my to do, to make list. Maybe a sister for my little Yule goddess doll.


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Comment by Enigma on September 22, 2018 at 3:01pm

Happy Fall Equinox!


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