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So this week was suppose to get a lot of things done. Suppose to get the house ready for Seths first birthday on Sunday and his wiccaning on saturday. Brandon started physical therapy, I started pranic healing sessions, making Seths big birthday bash cake. Paint the bathroom, clean up the house, get the decorations done for yule/christmas, finish making yule/christmas presents, wrapping them. Getting ritual ready for Yule and the wiccaning. The list just goes on and on.

Granted a good amount has been completed but its still not enough. I still have to clean up the entire house, which seems to be destroyed every time I clean something. I still have to finish painting and cleaning the laundry room. I have to finish making the cake, making the ornaments for this years tree, putting up outdoor decor. A few more presents need to be made or finished.

To top all of the 'To-do List' a good amount of drama has also wiggled its way into my life too. Since the birthday bash, we invited both our sides of family as well as Bs dads side... who lets just say isn't welcomed very well by his moms side. Brandon really wants to some what rekindle some type of relationship. Let his dad know that hey, I don't hate you, I just disagree with what you did to us. But of course his mom thinks this means we are 'taking their side' and we don't care about her and yadda yadda. So I had a sit down with his mother and told her if she starts shit at my sons birthday party I'll kick her out just like I'll kick his dad out if he starts shit. I told his dad the same thing. It would be nice if we could invited people we want to invite and not be worried about fights breaking out.

Sterling my dog got lost today, I seriously thought he was going to die. He is really old... I mean really old. He doesn't see well, can't hear well, and is generally just.... old. I let him outside to pee before we left and I guess in the rush of trying to get everyone out the door on time I forgot about him.

We got home at 6 pm.

After I searched the house for him (I knew he was gone because he wasn't in his cage or on his pillow near the fireplace) I went out searching in the large ten acre field we have in front of the house. I feared for the worst.

We have lots of wild animals that would easily eat him and if they didn't get him, the cold would of.

After I couldn't go any further due to the mud, I started back and started asking neighbors if they had seen him. I got to the third house and they had him I was so thankful. They saw him coming out of the field (he had a bright red shirt on that said "Number One on Santas Naughty List") all covered in mud. The mom and her three kids watched as he walked around and eventually fell off of a low wall, they figured he couldn't see after that. The older daughter got him, she said he was shaking so they took him inside, washed him, fed him, watered him and kept him warm.

They where waiting for dad to get home to make signs and put them around the area. They said they thought he belonged to our house but we weren't home so they didn't know for sure.

Sterling didn't even know he was with me or even home until about 40 minutes ago. Then he started acting like his old self, he plopped down in front of our little fireplace and started licking his twig and berries lol.

I'm just really lucky to have such nice neighbors around me. I'm just surrounded by them. Over the summer a few of them helped me with the yard, since we didn't have money for a lawn mower or weed eater. They are always so friendly and now they saved my dog from what I know he wouldn't of survived on his own.

I didn't my first pranic healing session today. It was awesome. I felt so much better afterwards, stronger, more grounded and generally more.. powerful isn't the right word but its the only one I can think of right now. When I got home I had never realized just how much of a drain B is until then. I came in and was immeditatly having to put up a wall and cut ties to him. Then he started this attitude and I was just like... letting it roll off my back. Eventually it did start to bother me but I got back to my root and was like nope, you come up here cuz I"m not going down there buddy.

I can't wait til next week. It was crazy being able to feel so much, learn so much from her. It was amazing. Plus it was really nice of her to teach me for bartering services. I am cleaning her house and she is teaching me to 'clean' people :P

She said it was crazy how fast I caught on and how well I did, she also said I was really powerful and had a great ability to heal people. Now she might of been just blowing me up but it felt good to hear that. It made me think that I really was on the right path.

I hope to start being able to offer pranic healing to people.

Anyway thats the end of my week so far. Tomorrow I go to work, saturday I work and for now I need to get on this cleaning and finishing up business. Have a great weekend everyone.

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