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Mans spiritual complexities are matched by none other then the vessel it dwells within.

To master some understanding of how the multiverse works is well beyond the comprehension of normal scholars, an even most teachers. Some souls are able to get in on a plane higher then the conscious self. Yet, none in this world have found the key to knowing everything. There are many keys to unlock doors of the multiverse, in which we can hopefully use to enlighten ones self. It truly is as easy as simply looking and seeking the light which will always shine upon the truth.

For all of us who are in an awakened state of thought, we seem to feel the yen of finding the deepest meaning of how everything works some kind of understanding in which to bring a form of peace to our minds, conscious and subconscious. It will elude us while in the lower form of self or lower state of being. So we must find the keys to help unlock our higher intellects. The main keys for this seem to be found in basic form of educating our lower selves. Education is the primary tool for rising above our lower selves. The next primary would be execution of idea, or thought. Life then will grow from trial an error. But all of this is only done from ones “will”. Without “will” there is no purpose to forward motion of what we create. It is only with our “will” that we bring life to the ideas that we form, an ideas come from our “will” to create, explore, and succeed in living the life given to us.

The highest level of enlightenment created by our “will” is found in the astral forms. Astral is found to be one of the most pure forms of energy to be wielded by man. It is in the astral where we leave behind the lower self, and truly feel the blessings of what higher self really means. In the astral we open to the receptive multiverse as a whole. It is where we find communication to be so much more than mere words. It is a place in which we are able to see, feel, learn, and come to a better understanding of more existing then just the physical world of life and death. It is up to ones self to expand their intellect to the widest range possible. This is easily done by creating a regimen of influence pertaining to what we are looking to learn. If you are looking for spiritual an intellectual growth, then you need to surround yourself with everything spiritually intellectual. “To be surrounded by fools, is sure to cause you to see and do as a fool does.” Pay heed well to the company you keep, the influences in your life, the knowledge you acquire, and the choices you make as these will make up the cobble stones of the path we travel down in life.

Everything is about preparing for the next lives we live. When we die each time we take with us only our spirit. Our spirit will be what we have fed it. Working our “will” to constantly grow an enlighten ourselves strengthens our spirit to become open and receptive to the multiverse and all the wonders it holds within its web. We can allow ourselves to be less then we could be, or we can strive in every life to find newer thoughts of enlightenment which will allow us to grow into supreme beings of living energy. Thoughts of negative courses are forms of our lower selves. Thoughts of positive courses are forms of our higher selves. What we give out does come back to effect us as well as all other forms of living energy. “Everything is alive, everything is connected”, everything in one way or another is blessed or harmed by the things we “will” to do. Wars have devastated civilizations to enforce their forms of truth or their way of thought that they felt to be the right way to help people live. Be it as it may they had every good intention to do what they felt was right with no real malice. Yet millions suffered, died, and became subjected to another’s way of thought. There is no way anyone has the right to interfere with another’s right to willing. The one true universal sin is to interfere with ones choice to how they wish to “will” the way to live their life. Even if a person chooses to be evil or live within the darkness, it is their choice to do as they wish. It is my opinion living in the light is so very beautiful. But it does not mean its right for everyone else. There have been times when I have become engulfed by the darkness. But even then that was a choice I felt I had to do in order to attain what I needed. It is not a matter of right or wrong. It was the choice to do what I felt to be best at the time. No rights, no wrongs just choices with which I will have to live with.

“We should try to find ways to make the world a better place to live in”. does that not sound shallow and flippant? Sure it’s a wonderful and loving thought to wish for, hell I would want nothing more then a wondrous and beautiful life for everyone. No hate, no wars, no starving, nothing but love and light. But then what would we have to strengthen us and make us strive to grow? With no trials and tribulations there is nothing to learn. “What doesn’t kill us only makes us stronger”. With nothing to kill us we would remain weak and without forward motion of living our lives. We need things that make us want to grow and strive to higher forms of being and not simply stagnate in peace and harmony. What the real problem is is how we allow things to influence or lives and take control of our wills. We become slaves to the grinding of the material world. It is in the desire to posse’s worldly goods that we succumb to the will of our lower selves. We loose track of things that truly count and that are worth more then any worldly possessions, which would be the strengthening of our energy. We can be everything and anything we choose. But we need to choose. We need to make the best decisions for us. Not make choices because we worry how others will look at us. No one lives your life but you. No one will take your place when it comes time to die will they? Then why allow them to take your place and live your life for you? We can only help others when we are true to ourselves and focused into doing the best things for ourselves as individuals. At least then others can take us seriously as we are solid in being true to ourselves. Can you honestly say that you can take someone seriously who has no control or focus in their own life? Be you, love you, know you, grow you, and never allow anyone to say it’s wrong to be you.


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